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Wood and Tile-Looking Vinyl Mats: Worker Safety and Aesthetic Solutions

The most common industry accidents are slips, trips and falls. Preventing these incidents therefore is necessary in maintaining employee safety and reducing financial losses.

One of the causes of these accidents is worker fatigue. To minimize fatigue, wood and tile-looking vinyl mats are installed in facilities to lessen the stress from standing for extended hours. These anti-fatigue mats are made with extremely durable materials, which provide excellent wear resistance. This also gives the mats an exceptional non-slip surface, thus preventing slip and fall accidents. These types of mats are ideal for use in laboratories, pharmacies and even at home.

These wood and tile-looking vinyl mats are specifically structured to promote proper blood circulation and prevent worker fatigue. Most of these mats have a Nitricell sponge base, which provides exceptional relief from the stress of standing for extended periods. The low and high-density Nitricell rubber sponge strips are arranged every 12 inches on the mat’s base. This variation actively stimulates the leg muscles, which in turn facilitates proper circulation and reduces fatigue.

Their wood grain or tile design also helps buyers to easily match these with existing floor configurations. Vinyl floor mats with a unique, lustrous wood grain finish can match virtually any furnishing style, classic or contemporary. There are designs that feature an attractive marbleized rubber surface, which can withstand heavy foot traffic that occurs in various industrial work areas. Other designs feature a beveled edge, which helps prevent people from tripping over the mat. These mats feature functionality and aesthetic appeal, and may be used in industrial establishments, commercial offices, banks and laboratories.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements state that work locations must be clean, orderly, and kept in a sanitary condition. Accordingly, there are various products that are available to meet the regulations. Anti-fatigue mats may not only alleviate aches and pains but also provide slip resistance.

The OSHA standards are applicable to walking and working surfaces in permanent places of employment. Wood and tile-looking vinyl floor mats are designed to afford workers safe and secure footing, and to provide comfort and function as well as style. These mats assist facilities comply with regulations while also providing aesthetic solutions to the work environment.

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