Cleanroom Wipes

Best cleaning materials for sensitive equipment

Cleanroom Wipes are the proper cleaning materials to use when you need to prevent contamination, instead of using rags. Featuring products by Lymtech®, these cleanroom cleaning cloths help you maintain a sterile, contaminant-free environment. Whether it be in an environment that requires validated sterile wiper products or electrofusion pipe welding applications, Lymtech® Cleanroom Wipes have every situation covered

Cleanroom Wipes
Cleanrooms are workplaces with low level of contamination and pollutants such as dust, vapors and other particulates. Operations in a cleanroom are highly sensitive and cleanup requires as little contamination as possible.

In workplaces where rags are not recommended to be used, cleanroom wipes manufactured by Lymtech® should do the job. They have Specialty Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly Wipes that have superior absorbing quality - they can absorb 4 times their own weight.

Keep your facilities spotlessly clean! Only Dawg® can offer the best cleaning materials for your special cleanup needs.