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Wipers & Rags

Wipes away dust, dirt and grime

Industrial wipers and rags are available in a variety of configurations to meet the challenges of workplace cleanup. Disposable paper wipers provide an economical solution for general cleanup of every day messes. These wipes provide good wet strength, softness and are lint free and are available in handy pop-up dispenser boxes, bags and center-pull dispensers. Cloth wipers or wiping rags are available in new or reclaimed materials, are the perfect shop rag for fast cleanup. Special wipers, such as the ones designed for cleanrooms, are also available.

Wipers & Rags
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  1. Disposable Wipes

    Disposable Wipes

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    Centerpull Disposable Wipers

  3. Shop Towels & Rags

    Shop Towels & Rags

  1. Cleanroom Wipes

    Cleanroom Wipes

Workplace health and safety starts from having a clean and organized environment. Maintain your facility’s cleanliness with versatile wipers and rags.

Our line of disposable paper wipers and rags cater to a variety of clean up needs. We offer shop towels and rags, disposable wipes, centerpull disposable wipers, and cleanroom wipes. All of our wipers and rags, such as the Center-Pull Dispenser and Towel Rolls, were designed for easy dispensing.

For convenient cleanup solutions, turn to Dawg®.
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