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Eco-Blok Barrier Sandbag alternative

Barrier Blok

Filter Blok

Filter Blok


Eco Bag

Solid Interlocking
Erosion Control Barrier

Molded Recycled Rubber, Dim: 24" x 12" x 4"

Barrier Blok is a Great Alternative To Sand Bags.

Barrier-Blok ™
is a solid, reliable barrier for liquid,
semi-liquid or solid material that will last for years.
Its unique design allows Eco-Bloks™ to be inter-
locked and re-used
over and over again to
solve your erosion control problems.

Applications: Shorline protection, Surface collection
and control, check dams, drain inlet and source
protection, temporary retaining walls, weighting
and hold down, washout / decontamination basin

Interlocking Erosion Control
Filtration System

Made of Recycled Rubber, Dim: 24" x 12" x 4"

Stops Sediment, Debris & Oil but Not Water!

Filter Blok is a molded rubber product with the
ability to allow water to pass through while holding
back debris and sediment. It features a unique
bullnosed interlocking design that allows each
block to fit into each other. Filter Blok is approved
and used by many federal, state and local

Applications: Filtration and sedimentation of storm
water runoff; site maintenance, Erosion control
individually or as part of a SWPPP, Drain inlet
protection, oil well / pump protection, Can be used
alone or in conjunction with Barrier-Blok
(DRN100) product for two -stage protection.

Environmentally Friendly
Erosion Control Barrier

Molded Heavy-Duty PVC Bag. Drim: 12" x 18" x 4"

Durable, Easy To Clean, Reusable Barrier.

Eco-Bag™ is a Molded Heavy-Duty PVC Bag that
can be Filled with Water, Sand or Other Materials
that will eliminate the need to constantly replace
sand or gravel bags. Made from rugged synthetic
material, it will stand up to years of harsh weather,
sunlight, and repeated movement.

Fill it with sand, gravel, dirt or water. The convenient
valve will allow for fast and easy filling and sealing.
Customize Eco-Bag™ to meet your needs by
changing the color or adding your logo or message
on each one. Available in Orange, Tan and White.

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