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Waste Oil Collection Pan: Containing Waste Oil Safely and Properly

Waste oil stains on driveways make the pavements look dirty and greasy. Anti-freeze and transmission fluids can ruin house and industrial flooring. Those are hard to remove even with constant scrubbing or hosing down with water. Meanwhile, some businesses use transportation such as forklifts and industrial utility vehicles inside their facilities that can cause these drips and leaks. These vehicles consume fuel and sometimes, when they are parked, they release waste oil from their engines. Waste oil can be dangerous if it has been accidentally ignited by a catalyst - for example, a cigarette butt falling on the waste oil spot.

This can also cause physical injuries if a worker slips on it. Vehicle tires covered with waste oil may slide on smooth surfaces and crash into heavy shelves when the operator steps on the brakes. This is one major disaster most companies want to avoid. To prevent mishaps from waste oil substances, use a trapping device that can contain dripping fuel from equipment and machinery.

A Waste Oil Collection Pan is appropriate for collecting waste oil and discarding them properly. It saves industrial facilities from needing to hire the manpower to clean up the spill and buy oil cleaning products. This also lessens the possible disasters inside the utility vehicle parking areas.

Vehicle Oil Drain Drip Pans are used to catch and contain the motor oil and anti-freeze fluid wastes from vehicles. These can be used for cars, vans, trucks, buses and other larger vehicles to reduce unsightly oil stains on grounds. These drip pans can contain up to 10 gallons of collected fluids. Unlike other oil drip pans, they are easily slid under vehicles.

These drip accessories are compliant with the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan which requires employers to promote safety precautions against possible causes of oil and chemical spills within their facilities. Using waste oil collection pans are also part of Environmental Protection Agency's campaign for proper waste management. They are used as a containment and disposal system of hazardous material, which is required for the protection of the environment and to ensure the workers' safety as well.

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