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Wall Protectors: Addressing Structure Protection Needs

A lot of industries use forklifts and loaders to transport products around the facility and into trucks and other vehicles. According to the Industrial Truck Association, around 90 percent of all forklifts will be involved in some type of accident during their useful life. The highest accident fatalities occur in manufacturing facilities (42 percent), followed by construction (23.8 percent). In 2001 alone, the National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health (NIOSH) reported that forklift-related accidents resulted in 100 pedestrian deaths and over 100,000 pedestrian injuries in the United States. The cost incurred due to these accidents was well over 100 million dollars. This does not even include costs of damages to facility and equipment.

Industrial facilities employ a lot of moving parts and a lot of potentially hazardous materials. Forklifts are one of the main factors that cause these accidents in industrial facilities. They can cause mishaps such as bumps, scrapes, and other damages through collisions and similar incidents in the facility. Preventing these kinds of damages requires safety products that have padding or tools for barriers to keep equipment, people and physical structures safe. Without the proper safety products on hand, it would be impossible to utilize forklifts and other potentially hazardous materials without putting people, facility, equipment, and even the environment as risk.

Facility protection keeps any workplace safe, inside and out. It utilizes safety products that are built in or added to building or facility to protect selected areas from damage and loss. These also include safeguarding people and preventing unauthorized access to valuables. Physical security protection includes many mutually supporting elements such as signage, fences, corner guards, machine guards, column protectors, wall protectors, among others.

Wall protectors provide the simple solution to forklift, hand truck or drum traffic. It uses padding to protect wall surfaces from collisions with vehicles and heavy machinery, absorbing the impact like the bumpers on bumper cars. They prevent the appearance of scuff marks and other blemishes on the walls of the workplace. They are usually situated along the middle of the wall, though they can be installed at any height, vertically or horizontally. Wall protectors are made of highly-visible yellow high-density polyethylene so they never need painting and are resistant to cracks and chips.

Wall protectors can be used in any facility where there is high traffic for moving machinery such as drum storage areas and loading docks. These protectors not only protect walls of your facility, they also safeguard employers' pockets against costly repairs from damages to the structure and equipment. These wall protectors may be a simple measure to protect your walls but they help make your facility a safer environment not just for your structure and equipment but for your workers as well.

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