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Safety Gas Cans Type I: Portable Gasoline Containers

In the U.S., thousands of patients are brought to emergency rooms each year to be treated for gasoline-related burns. These accidents mostly happen during the summer period because there is an increase in gasoline use all over the country. Gasoline is commonly used for cooking outdoor food, fuel for boats, stocks for long road journeys and agricultural purposes like farming.

Gasoline is a flexible energy source that's part of everyday life, making daily tasks easier. But even with gasoline's never ending uses, it can also be dangerous to the human health and the environment. Fires and explosions contribute largely with gasoline involvement. Any substance with gasoline is highly hazardous for fire risks. Lack of knowledge with regards to proper gasoline-handling becomes a great factor for accidents.

Common gas containers such as those made of plastic are considered unsafe. Some materials are incompatible with gas substances and could therefore contribute to further damage. Plastic containers are easily burned and do not have safety valves or a secured lock system. They are not safe for chemical substances.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has approved safety gas cans which are determined safe for gasoline handling. It defines a “safety gas can" as a container with spring closing lid and a spout cover that secures in liquid and keeps vapors from building up in a room temperature. The spring closing lid relieves internal pressure that may cause spontaneous combustion. In the event that outside temperature is higher than usual, the cover slightly lifts to expel vapors. The approved container must be able to carry a maximum capacity of 5 gallons per gasoline content. The most commonly used OSHA approved safety can is the rounded red container made from galvanized steel with yellow labeling. This is called the Type I Safety Gas Can.

The Type I Safety Gas Cans are ideally used for storing flammables in moderate volume. These are perfect for bringing outdoors since it has an easy handle grip that could be carried around. Their no-weld construction help prevents leaks and spills that may be a starter for fire accidents. These also have a counter-balance support design for easier liquid pouring.

These are perfect to store in gasoline whenever it is needed without endangering the lives of those who carries them. Some newer models of Type I Safety Gas Cans are made from high-density polyethylene plastic which is also OSHA approved for those who prefer to carry lighter containers.

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