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Triple A Air Compressors & Travel First Aid Kits: Keeping You Prepared for Roadside Emergencies

As most motorists know, there are many potential health hazards when travelling. Sunburns, minor cuts and bruises, dizziness and minor burns are all potential injuries one may experience when driving. These reasons make it necessary to be prepared for such minor emergencies - and what better way to do this than to keep a first aid kit in your vehicle?

Putting together or simply purchasing a complete first aid kit for your travel and vehicular purposes may seem like a no-brainer. The truth is, while most first aid kits share common items, different first aid situations would have different first aid needs. For motorists, especially drivers of delivery trucks and transport vehicles, a breakdown in their vehicles is as much of a roadside emergency as a minor cut or bruise.

For many drivers, there are few situations more worrisome than getting a flat tire in the middle of the road, and discovering your spare tire doesn’t have any air in it. This situation becomes more dangerous if this were to happen in the middle of the freeway during traffic. In fact, a 2009 report from Houston’s SafeClear Tow Program showed that by simply removing stalled vehicles from the middle of the freeway quickly, the number of vehicular collisions dropped by 120 cases every month.

This is where the Triple A Air Compressor becomes a welcome component of a vehicle first aid kit. The Triple A Air Compressor is used by plugging it in any standard cigarette lighter socket. It has a 10 foot power cord - long enough to allow you inflate your tire even if the socket is relatively far away like in a sports utility vehicle or a truck. The Triple A Air Compressor’s 300 psi can inflate most tires within 10 minutes. The compressor includes 3 nozzle adaptors that allows you to be able to inflate most standard tires.

While it is always wise to be prepared for minor health related emergencies when one is on the road, it is wiser to remember that not all roadside emergencies are health related. Vehicular troubles can be just as troublesome as any minor physical injury. It is for this reason that when designing or purchasing a first aid kit for your vehicle and travel needs, you should also consider vehicular emergencies such as flat tires. Having the Triple A Air Compressor in your kit will not only relieve you of that headache of having to deal with a flat tire, it can potentially save a life.

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