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Structure Protection and Its Role in Facility Safety

In any workplace safety should be the number one priority, especially in high-risk facilities such as manufacturing plants, chemical and food processing plants. Accidents can occur and this can slow down productivity and cost money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 3.7 million reported nonfatal work injuries and about 5,071 fatal work injuries in 2008 alone.

There will always be hazards present in any environment that contribute to accidents. Most of these accidents are caused by unsafe conditions or unsafe acts brought about by negligence or carelessness. These unsafe acts usually take place due to lack of safety knowledge, improper use of a tool or equipment, or lack of proper protective equipment and guards. Protecting people and facility is vital to preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace. There are products for personal safety and for structure protection

Structure protection or facility protection refers to features built-in or added to a building or facility to protect assets from damage and loss to safeguard people and prevent physical damage to equipment and property. Facility protection help keep the workplace safe inside and out, using the right kind of safety products to protect from mishaps, including bumps, scratches, and other damages caused by collisions or similar incidents. These products play an important role in ensuring that federal, state and local laws and regulations are followed in the workplace.

There are different types of structure protection equipment to address specific needs for facility protection. These are:


Column protectors. These square protectors are padding designed to fit any freestanding columns and beams, square or round, for protection from vehicle and heavy machinery impact. Usually made from high-density polyethylene, they are colored orange and lime green for high visibility.


Corner protectors. These are padding used on corners to deflect impact and prevent damage from fork trucks, hand trucks, or even personnel that can bump into wall corners. These stress-resistant protectors can be used indoors or outdoors.


Bollard posts & sleeves. These prevent damage to buildings and machinery such as forklifts, carts, tow motor lifts and other vehicles. They act as barriers to stop vehicles or machinery from having access to an area. They also help protect pedestrians from vehicles. They can be used to prevent structural and equipment damage indoors and outdoors, as well as a safety measure for people.


Machine guards. These protectors are designed to keep machine safe by keeping heavy machinery away from machines and other equipment. They create barriers between high-traffic areas and machinery.


Hand rails. These are ideal for pedestrian walkways, airports, hospitals, industrial plants and others.  They act as support for pedestrian in walking or climbing up and down the stairs.

Making your work facility safe and federal and state-compliant doesn't have to be hard work. Simple measures such as installing these structure protection equipment will greatly increase accident prevention. Investing in these tools will reap benefits for employers and their company. It will ensure a hazard-free environment for all workers. It will prevent costly repairs from damages to property and equipment. It will also save the company money from lawsuits and medical costs arising from employee injuries.

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