Sticky Mats and Frames

Sticky Mats and Frames

Sticky Tacky Mats remove grime, dirt and dust off shoes before entering cleanrooms

Sticky MatsĀ® consist of 30 layers of adhesive coated film that effectively removes dirt, grease and grime from shoes, equipment, wheeled carts and even your pets' feet. These are used in a variety of applications including cleanrooms, semiconductor facilities, nuclear, pharmaceautical, electronic devices, computer, aerospace, biotechnology, laser optics, automotive, food processing, hospitals, all types of manufacturing and in homes all over the world. Each Sticky Mat consists of a layered stack of peal-off polyethylene film sheets. Anyone entering a cleanroom or an area where there is sensitivity to dirt and dust from shoes will find that this Sticky Mat will capture grime and dirt to help keep these areas clean. Also known as Tacky Mats, these mats have specially treated pressure-sensitive adhesion on one side of the upper sheet that removes the contamination on your shoe soles and your heels. When a Sticky Mat sheet fills up with these dust, grime and dirt particles, the upper sheet of the mat can then be peeled off, showing a new clean sheet for your use. This peel-off design eliminates messy and time-consuming cleaning and washing and makes it easy to keep a floor sticky mat employed at all times.

  • Optional beveled frames are available for added support and use with these Sticky Mats so they stay in place with minimal movement. These frames are the STM123, STM124, STM125
  • Just peel off the top layer once completely dirty and the Tacky Mat becomes new again
  • Sheets has a strong adhesive coating that removes dirt on contact
  • Each Tacky Mat sheet is individually tabbed with an exclusive pull-tab system & An anti-microbial germicide is used on all our Sticky Mats

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Sticky Mats and Frames
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