Standard Bear Proof Containers

Standard Bear Proof Containers

Bear proof containers offer an economical choice to homeowners, keeping bears and other animals out of the trash

Proven & Tested Bear Proof Containers, Well-Known For Their Effectiveness In Preventing Bears and Other Animals From Penetrating Trash Containers.

  • 1. Screw Top Open Design - This bear proof container has an open screw top design allowing for easy access while making a tight seal.
  • 2. Metal Handles - These handles allow homeowners to easily grab the side of the can.
  • 3. Blown-molded polyethylene - This is a bear proof can that has performed well in all tests. Tested and approved to keep bears out of your trash!
  • 4. Resists heavy impact, UV Inhibited - The HDPE durability and resilience provides impact resistance. It will not discolor due to sun exposure.
  • Bear Lock™ have all the features you need in a bear proof can while making these cans blend into their natural surroundings. Through the support of the Bear Group's program and volunteers, our Bear Lock™ have been helping homeowners cope with the ever increasing problems of bears in neighborhoods. This particular Bear Can (PAK137) was tested January 27, 2007 grizzly bears (ranging in size from 300 to 500 pounds). The test period is up to 60 minutes.

Disclaimer: Though BearLock Bin™ trash cans have been rigorously tested, we cannot make with a 100% guarantee that a bear or any other animal will never penetrate any of our cans. All animals are unpredictable and many (such as bears and squirrels are very tenacious). All our cans have been an effective deterrent against all types of animals in which most never penetrate the can, note damage can be done to the can in which Dawg, Inc will not refund or replace the can. Cans maybe damaged in certain instances because this is the byproduct of having an animal trying to get into your trash. Example, squirrels because of the extreme sharp teeth and after prolonged periods of time could potentially gnaw into the can where other larger animals cannot access. This is a rare event, but must be noted because no poly can on the market today is completely impenetrable. In 95% of cases you will find your can a complete deterrent for bears and all other animals.

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Standard Bear Proof Containers
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