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Staying Cool On The Job with Sqwincher Activity Drink

Not all occupations involve staying in a cramped cubicle, sitting all day in your chair. There are jobs that require strenuous physical action to get the job done. Occupations in sectors such as building and construction, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, mechanical work, maintenance, among others, require manual labor to accomplish tasks. Workers in these sectors exert effort everyday by doing activities that can affect a workers’ energy and strength.

Just like machinery, our bodies need fuel to keep on going. Workers who do manual labor need fuel that works as hard as they do. Activity drinks are cost-effective ways of increasing productivity, while helping to lower the number of workplace accidents. Research has shown that a high number of work related accidents are attributed to “bad judgment,” with heat and fatigue. Worker safety and health is the number one priority in facilities and on the job site, and heat and exhaustion needs to be attended to with a drink supplement such as Sqwincher Activity Drink.

Sqwincher, which was first introduced in 1975 as a sports drink, is an electrolyte replacement formula designed specifically for high heat stress environment of these industries. Dehydration can occur in a variety of forms and depletes muscle cells of electrolytes, and while water can quench thirst, it cannot immediately restore body thirst. Sqwincher is absorbed by the body more quickly than water, replenishing the lost electrolytes and minerals needed for rehydration. Additionally, this tasty activity drink provides 50% more potassium and 50% less sodium than other electrolyte drinks.

Sqwincher offers many advantages compared to most of its competitors. They have a great taste and an optimal balance of minerals and salts. This activity drink is available in a variety of delicious flavors such as Lemonade, Orange, Fruit Punch, Lemon-Lime, Grape, Cherry, Tropical Cooler, Tea, Mixed Berry and Cool Citrus. Sqwincher Activity drinks are also vitamin C-enriched.


Introducing Sqwincher to your workers will greatly aid in sustaining employee performance and prevent mental degradation. The introduction of this drink can be considered a safety measure, which also saves company money by increasing productivity and reducing the likelihood of accidents. It is a preventative measure for labor-intensive industries that safeguards the well-being of a company’s most valuable asset - the employees.

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