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Spill Pallets: Pallets for Secondary Containment Applications

Secondary containment is a safeguarding method employed when storing potentially hazardous chemicals. In simple terms, secondary containment is providing containment for the drums that house these chemicals. The rationale is, in the event the primary containers fail, the leaked chemicals are still prevented from contaminating the surrounding area.

Spill Pallets are one such secondary containment solution. Like regular pallets, spill pallets are used for stacking and storing items. Like regular pallets, spill pallets can also be fork-lifted for transport and storage around your plant. Spill pallets differ from regular pallets by having a sump built in for catching spills and leaks.

This makes spill pallets an excellent secondary containment solution. When a leak occurs, the sump ensures that leaking liquid does not contaminate surrounding areas. Spill pallets help you meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) storage standards (40 CFR 264.175), which state that  "The containment system must have sufficient capacity to contain 10% of the volume of containers or the volume of the largest container, whichever is greater."

There are a number of spill pallets as well as spill pallet accessories that allow you to deal with a number of secondary containment needs.

Spill pallets in general are available for two- or four-drum containment. Premium Drum Spill Pallets have a higher sump capacity than regular spill pallets. Low Profile Spill Pallets are designed to be 50% lower in overall height than regular spill pallets without compromising sump capacity. Inline Spill Drum Pallets are designed to hold drums in a straight line which makes them ideal for plants with limited floor space.

For hazardous chemical spill containment, the ideal choice is the Hazardous Chemical Spill Pallet. This spill pallet is manufactured in such a way as to make them compatible with chlorinated solvents and other harsh chemicals. For incidental spills, Foldable Spill Pallets are what you need. Use these pallets are a wash down deck for cleaning almost anything. Ideal when there is no need for spill containment regulation compliance.

For those working with a budget, Economy Drum Pallets come at a lower price without sacrificing functionality and EPA regulations compliance. Made from 100% recycled polyethylene, Eco-Friendly Recycled Spill Pallets are doubly eco-friendly by using polyethylene that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. All spill pallets are available with or without a drain plug for easy removal of the spilled liquids.

When you need to store your spill drums outdoors, the proper secondary storage solution is an Outdoor Containment Pallet. These spill pallets function as sheds for your spill drums, complete with walls, doors and a roll up roof. And since they are technically still pallet, they can be moved around with fork-lifts. Like regular spill pallets, Outdoor Containment Pallets also come in two- or four-drum models.

To further protect spill pallets and their contents that have to be stored outdoors, an Outdoor Tarp Pallet Cover is used. Weather- and UV-resistant, it gives you an excellent outdoor protection for your spill pallets.

It should be noted that you should use the proper spill pallet for the proper drum. A two-drum spill pallet should not be used with three drums since the sump may not be able to handle the spill. That being said, spill pallets are excellent secondary containment solutions when used properly. Consider using spill pallets when drawing up a spill control plan.

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