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Spill Containment Trays: Keeping Small Spills Contained

In facilities that use hazardous substances, the risk of an accident or injury happening is very high. Companies address this danger by ensuring that safety measures are taken in order to maintain a safe environment for workers. These safety measures include policies and guidelines on the proper handling of materials and equipment, wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and utilizing the right material handling and spill containment equipment for the workplace.

Spill containment tools are essential equipment. They contain any spills and leaks from storage containers such as drums, buckets and barrels. This reduces the cleanup of any mess or damage that a spill may cause. Federal and state laws require spill containment systems to be readily available in a facility.

One handy and useful tool for any spill containment system are spill containment trays. This is the economical choice when you have small spills at work and using spill pallets and berms may be overkill. Spill trays are ideal for catching and containing drips and leaks from small equipment, vehicle batteries, or when pouring substances and filling containers. They are made of strong yet lightweight polyethylene and won't rust or corrode. They feature a ribbed bottom and are rated for a wide range of service temperatures, making them suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. These spill containment trays can be stored stacked on top of each other, saving on storage space. These trays can hold 5 gallons of spilled liquid, making them ideal for storing bottles, drums, pails or any assortment of containers. They also help in complying with hazardous waste containment regulations.

There are several types of spill containment trays to address specific needs that different spill situations may require. These types include:


Battery Spill Containment. These trays are important in effectively responding to acid spills. Batteries and other harmful storage containers are kept in these trays, which protects floors from harmful liquids that may leak from these containers. This lightweight tray features a removable grate for sump access.


Drip Trays. These trays are used for catching drips from chemical, oil-only and general-purpose absorbents. They are made from 100% polyethylene, making them chemical-resistant. They are the economical choice to keeping oily fluids from leaching into floors and other possible areas.

Spill containment trays are the unsung heroes of spill containment response. They are the proactive approach to any small spill response situation. Handling chemicals in the workplace poses dangers to both workers and property. Safety measures like spill containment trays help ensure a safe environment in the workplace. Not only that, they also help companies comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and federal regulations.

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