Oil Only Spill Response Cart Kits

Packed with oil-only absorbents for fast cleanups

Oil-Only Spill Response Cart Kits contain enough absorbents to clean up small, medium or large oil spills in commercial or industrial areas. These kits are packed with oil-only absorbents and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor hydrocarbon or petroleum based spill cleanup jobs. Unlike other oil spill kits, these oil-only spill response cart kits are mobile, helping you respond and clean up spills faster. Use Caddie Spill Kits or See-Thru Container Spill Kits for small to medium sized spills. For larger spills, use the Mobile Spill Truck kit or Absorbent Center kit.

Oil Only Spill Response Cart Kits
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  • Remove This Item Capacity: Up to 20 gallons
  • Remove This Item Liquid Absorbed: Oil Only
Dawg®’s Oil Only Spill Response Cart Kits offer quick and effective oil spill cleanup anywhere in your facility. These spill kits come with enough oil only absorbents designed to handle oil spill of any size. They also come with personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves and goggles packed in a durable, weather-proof cart to protect the items.

Here at Dawg®, we carry a wide range of oil spill response kits guaranteed to provide you with the best spill management solutions.