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Oil Only Spill Kits

Cleans up oil spills safely and efficiently

DAWG®'s Oil-Only Spill Kits contain all the materials you need for a fast and effective oil spill cleanup. These kits contain oil absorbents that absorb oil and petroleum - or other hydrocarbon-based products - while repelling water. Some oil spill kits in this line may include personal protective equipment for personnel. Ideal for use on dry land and bodies of water like streams, harbors, rivers and other waterways.

Oil Only Spill Kits
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5 Item(s) Sort by:    View: 10 20 50  | Show All  
Oil spills can have a very devastating effect on our surroundings. Walking on oil spills can cause people to slip and injure themselves. It can also potentially produce intense fires when accidentally ignited which can do considerable damage to the facility and the environment.

You can prevent all of these by using Dawg®’s oil spill kit. This spill kit comes with a variety of oil absorbents designed specifically to clean up nasty oil spills on land and water.

Dawg® also offers other type of spill kits such as Oil Only Cabinet Spill Kits, Oil Only Bagged Spill Kits, Oil Only Spill Response Cart kits, Oil Only Container Spill Kits, Oil Only Overpack Spill Kits and more.
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