Hazmat Cabinet Spill Kits

Packed with HAZMAT absorbents for aggressive chemical spill cleanup

Hazmat Cabinet Spill Kits not only come with the right chemical absorbents, they also come with the right personal protective equipment (P.P.E.) to help you deal with aggressive chemical spills. This chemical spill kit in cabinet form gives you easy access to Hazmat absorbents in an emergency by organizing and storing them properly. These wall-mounted units also help save space and leaves you with additional floor space for other storage needs.

Hazmat Cabinet Spill Kits
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Chemical spills can happen anytime and anywhere, that’s why it is important to be always prepared.

Dawg®’s storage cabinet is the ideal storage equipment for your spill kits. These industrial cabinets can hold all the important items you need in case of a chemical or HazMat spill. It can also house all the equipment you need to protect your people against any hazardous material.

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