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Sorbent Socks Absorb All Types Of Fluid Spills

Absorbent Socks

Dawg Absorbent Socks are recognized as the leading industry absorbent when trying to clean up spills around machine bases, outdoor equipment spill applications or hazmat and chemical spills. All our sorbent socks meet different needs when absorbing general fluids, oil-only or acid/base spills. You will find four different types of fillers in each of our sock absorbents: corn cob (generally the least expensive and most popular), cellulose (paper filled and absorbs the most liquid per sock), vermiculite (does an excellent job of retaining fluids once absorbed) and polypropylene (found in our oil only and hazmat socks).

Two Ways To Choose The Right Absorbent, By Type or By Chart

Option 1: Select By Type

  1. MRO Absorbents (General)

    MRO Absorbents (General)
  2. Oil Absorbents (Repels Water)

    Oil Absorbents (Repels Water)
  3. Haz-Mat Absorbents (Acids & Bases)

    Haz-Mat Absorbents (Acids & Bases)
  4. Absorbent Socks

    Absorbent Socks
  5. Earth-Friendly 'Green' Absorbents

    Earth-Friendly 'Green' Absorbents
  6. Oil Booms & Skimmers

    Oil Booms & Skimmers
  7. Loose Absorbents

    Loose Absorbents
  8. Specialty Absorbents

    Specialty Absorbents
  9. Absorbent Accessories

    Absorbent Accessories
MRO Absorbent Socks (Oils, Coolants, Solvents & Water)
Hot Dawg Corn Cob Absorbent Sock Big Dawg Cellulose Sorbent Sock
  • Our most popular & economical
  • Corn cob absorbent sock
  • Superior hugging & stretching power
  • Absorbs up to 26 gallons per box
  • Use around machinces, spill cleanup
Big dawg sock
  • Superior absorbency
  • Recycled cellulose sock
  • Available in 4' and 8' lengths
  • Absorbs up to 1 gallon per sock
  • Change out less often
GrandPaw Vermiculite Sock HippieDawg™ Earth Friendly Sock
GrandPaw Vermiculite Sock
  • Absorbs most chemicals
  • Non leaching, landfill compliant
  • Vermiculite absorbent sock
  • Absorbs up to 30 gallons per box
  • Durable outer skin
HippieDawg™ Earth Friendly Sock
  • Absorbs most chemicals
  • Non leaching, landfill compliant
  • Cellulose absorbent sock
  • Absorbs up to 40 gal per box
  • Recycled fiber sock
Oil Only Socks (Absorbs Oil, Repels Water)
Sorbent Socks  
Sorbent Socks
  • Skim petroleum from liquids
  • Removes oil from troughs & vats
  • Wringable for reclaiming liquids
  • Absorbs up to 1 gallons/sock
  • Polypropylene oil sock
Hazmat Absorbent Socks (Absorbs Aggressive Liquids)
Chemical Absorbent Socks  
Hazmat socks
  • Emergency chemical spill cleanup
  • Absorbs acids & bases
  • Spill response for aggressive liquids
  • Ideal for hazmat spill control
  • Absorbs up to 1 gal per hazmat sock

OPTION 2: Select by Chart (Features and Applications)

  1. Absorbent Selection Chart

    Absorbent Selection Chart
  2. Absorbent Comparison Chart

    Oil Absorbents (Repels Water)

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