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Absorbents & Sorbents For Oil Spill Cleanup

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Oil absorbents for all types of spill cleanup
situations on land, water or in industry.

Absorbent materials from Dawg® come in a wide variety of sorbent configurations, including oil absorbent pads that absorb oil only and repel water. Absorbent pads are also known as "sorbent pads" and are classified as “MRO", meaning that they  absorb general, every-day spilled fluids. They are very popular absorbent products within industrial workplaces.  Absorbent socks are used around machine bases to contain spills while absorbent mats blanket large areas that have leaks and overspray of fluids in walkways. Sorbents are used in many different workplaces to control oil spills and comply with spill control regulations. Absorbent products are also known as spill absorbents to keep your workplace clean and safe. Spill control products provide safe assurances that industrial absorbents can stand up to the most demanding environments. Oil sorbents and spill control solutions include:

  • Oil absorbents that do not absorb water and only absorb hydrocarbons, these oil sorbents are known as; absorbent booms that skim and absorb oil from waterways.
  • Oil skimmers, which remove oil from sumps and bilges,
  • Oil absorbent pads, which are great for cleaning up oil spills on land or in water.
  • Oil absorbent rolls for blanketing large spills
  • Oil booms for containing spills in waterways
  • Absorbent pillows
  • Floor sweep to dry, cake oil and allow sweeping
  • Spill mats
  • Industrial, oil-absorbent rugs
  • Hazmat chemical spill response kits
  • Reusable absorbents
  • Other industrial absorbents and environmental spill cleanup sorbent products for your workplace.

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