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Waste Oil Collection

Containment product for catching drips and leaks effectively

DAWG®’s Waste Oil Collection line provides you with the necessary equipment for fast and easy spill control response. Our spill response products include Collection and Containment Tanks, Mobile Drum Containers and Waste Oil Collection trays and pans. These effectively aid in pre-emptive spill response, catching drips and leaks in any situation.

Waste Oil Collection
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  1. Containment Tanks

    Containment Tanks

  2. Mobile Drum Containers

    Mobile Drum Containers

  3. Waste Oil Collection Pans

    Waste Oil Collection Pans

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Disposing of oily waste and used oil products is an important aspect for an effective spill response plan. Manage waste materials properly with waste oil collection equipment from Dawg®.

Dawg® offers you a wide variety of waste oil collection products to choose from, such as Mobile Drum Containers and Waste Oil Collection Pans. These spill containment products help with the easy transport and secondary containment of waste oil and collected leaks from your facility. Design features such as large double walls allow for a secure storage of oily waste materials and wheels for easy movement.

Make sure that leaks and drips are collected safely and stored easily with the best waste oil collection equipment available only here at Dawg®!
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