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Drum Accessories

Accessories to avoid drum leaks and ruptures

Drum Accessories are essential for any industrial drum repair task. These tools ensure that leaks and ruptures are dealt with swiftly during industrial drum repairs, making for a safer work environment. Our line of quality industrial drum repair products such as Drum Patch Repair Kits, Drum Tourniquets, Epoxy putty and other products for repairing drums does the job effectively. Choose from a wide variety of products that are perfect for both plastic and metal drums. These handy drum accessories guarantee that potentially hazardous situations can be avoided in the workplace. Available at DAWG®, leading supplier of Spill Containment products.

Drum Accessories
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  1. Drum Repair

    Drum Repair

  2. Hose Repair

    Hose Repair

  3. Epoxy Putty

    Epoxy Putty

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Dawg® carries useful drum accessories to prevent your containment drums from leaking or rupturing. Damaged drums can discharge highly toxic substances which can jeopardize not only the lives of the people handling the spill but the environment as well. These drum accessories are a must have for large companies that handle oils and hazardous chemicals. Make sure that your containment drums are in good working condition with Dawg®’s drum repair kits and accessories.
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