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Speed Bumps & Parking Stops and Their Impact on Road Safety

Road safety is of utmost importance for all commuters. Most of us are on the road everyday and are exposed to the dangers of road accidents. Road safety is still one of the nation's most serious pubic health issues. It affects everyone whether you drive a vehicle, walk or ride a bicycle. Many of these road accidents are caused by speeding, which has taken countless lives. Maintaining a safe and steady traffic flow on the road will increase safety and reduce the risk of speed related accidents from happening. One effective solution to address this is through traffic calming.

Traffic calming is a technique that uses measures to slow down or reduce motor vehicle traffic without restricting access. It is used to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians and enhance the quality of life for residents living in the neighborhood. According to a study conducted by Fehrs & Peers Transportation Consultants for TrafficCalming.Org, there was a 41% reduction in the number of vehicle collisions after speed humps were used on the road.

Speed bumps and speed humps are the most common tools used for traffic calming. These are raised devices, usually in the form of a ridge, that are placed across the road to limit speed and caution motorists to slow down. These are primarily installed in most carparks, including shopping centers, childcare centers, residential unit complexes, office buildings drive-thrus, and more. They are also installed on smaller local traffic roads to lessen noise and control traffic conditions. Speed humps slow down traffic more gradually than speed bumps. These removable speed bumps are brightly painted for maximum visibility.

Another way of enforcing safety on the road is through the use of parking safety equipment like parking stops or parking blocks. These devices help make sure that vehicles stop at the appropriate location when parking to prevent a vehicle rolling forward from a parking spot or over-driving through your designated area. These parking stops and blocks control curb overhang that may inconvenience or be hazardous to pedestrians. They also prevent damage to buildings, sidewalks, curbs and delicate landscape by acting as barriers to separate passable and impassable areas for motorists. Used inside, they serve as bumper cushions and protection for motorized carts, forklift trucks and other vehicle operations in factories and warehouses. Parking stops are ideal for retail/commercial parking lots, parking garages and municipalities.

These effective traffic calming tools have greatly increased road safety and have significantly decreased accidents in areas where they are implemented.  But even with these measures, we can all still do our part to improve safety on our roads by getting rid of distractions while driving, such as eating, using cell phones, talking, etc. We should also practice courtesy towards other drivers and pedestrians, being aware of motorcycles, and paying attention to laws and rules. We have to remember that road safety is everybody's responsibility.

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