Smooth Military Switchboard Matting

Smooth Military Switchboard Matting

Smooth Military Switchboard matting formulated to insulate workers from electrical shock

Designed to meet strict military standards, this Smooth Military Switchboard Mat is non-conductive matting with a dielectric strength of 30,000 volts. The smooth, vinyl surface is easy to clean and offers exceptional ozone and oil resistance. Smooth Military non-conductive switchboard matting meets Mil. Spec. 15562-F Amend. 3, Type II. This non-conductive switchboard matting is formulated to provide insulation for the worker. Anti-static mats prevent workers from being grounded, thereby preventing electrical shock. Also called switchboard mats, anti-static mats are formulated to absorb static electricity. Simple worker tasks such as working, walking or even sitting on certain types of stools creates static electricity. If left unchecked, static will pass from the worker to sensitive equipment potentially creating damage to computer chips and electric circuitry. Non-conductive switchboard matting or an anti-static floor mat can drain static from the worker, thereby safeguarding equipment.

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Smooth Military Switchboard Matting
Preview Item Number Width Length Color Thickness Material Units Price Per Unit QTY
MAT711-60057 3'   75' full roll   Black   1/8 "   Vinyl    Each

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