Smart Ash Portable Waste Incinerator

Smart Ash Portable Waste Incinerator

Reduces disposal costs while eliminating possible long- term environmental liabilities

This innovative combustion solid waste incinerator system is ideal for burning non-hazardous refuse. The smart ash incinerator is mobile and uses no fuel. Simply load a 55-gallon, open-head steel drum, light it, and clamp on the lid. Two 120V electric high-velocity blowers create a cyclone of intense heat. Combustion is so complete that the material volume is reduced to an average of 3% ash. Smart Ash will incinerate Paper waste, absorbents, filters, wood by-products, general non-hazardous waste. System weighs 123 lbs.

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Smart Ash Portable Waste Incinerator
Preview Item Number Height Width Length Units Price Per Unit QTY
CIN101 46"  34"   26"    Each

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