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Skimmers and Wet Vacuums: Cleaning Assistance for Industrial Spills

Oil and other industrial spills in the workplace are potential hazards to workers and companies. Workers may be in danger of being exposed to harmful effects that these hazardous chemicals contain. Oil slicks and chemical spills may also go down the drains of a facility if it has not been properly disposed. This can result in the contamination of the drainage system and could probably affect nearby waterways. Exposure or ingestion of toxic chemicals in water systems can lead to severe illnesses for individuals and depletion of agricultural production in nearby communities. Liabilities for these damages are solely charged to the responsible parties or companies due to their negligence.

To prevent potential harm to workers and indoor working environment, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates the use of cleaning tools for potentially hazardous chemicals in the workplace. This regulation provides safety measures that companies must comply in maintaining a safe and hazard-free workplace.

There are equipment that are primarily used as cleaning aids to avoid industrial hazards. Since oil is a dangerous element due to its flammable and toxic components, cleaning them manually poses serious health risks to the workers. Oil spills are even harder to remove since it constantly moves in with the water. The best way to deal with them is by using a skimmer. Skimmers are pieces of equipment made of materials that solely attract oil components. This make it easier for the cleaner to deal with oil spills without being directly exposed to it.

An example of skimmers are the Abanaki Oil Skimmers. These are used as a substitute for oil absorbents. They clean up all types of spills. These skimmers can be used for on oil drums, tanks, parts washers, and waste water sumps.

For chemical or liquid spills, the use of wet vacuums for cleaning spills inside the workplace is highly recommended. Wet vacuums work the same way as dry vacuums. Their powerful suctions absorb chemical liquids to prevent the workers from direct contact to potential dangers these chemicals have.

Wet vacuums are used for industrial spills:


Industrial Wet Vacuum Cleaners — these are ideal suctioning equipment for industrial spills. They can also remove coolants from sumps which ordinary dry vacuum will not be able to contain.

Oil and chemical spills pose great hazards to workers, companies and environment. Nowadays, there are easier and safer ways to deal with these industrial spills. By complying with OSHA's recommended assistance for cleaning industry, the working environment will be able to maintain an ideal workplace for its employees. Also, compliance with this regulation saves industrial companies probable liabilities that could be charged to them due to negligence. This compliance protects not only the companies and its workers but also the environment from dangers of chemical spills.

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