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Berms For Spill Containment Provide Reliable Protection

Berms/Drain Seals

Spill Berms from the industry leader in quality spill containment products. For over 20 plus years, Dawg® has been providing Containment Berms and other spill control products that help companies keep in compliance with local, state and federal SPCC, EPA and DOT regulations. Our Spill Berms are made to go the distance in rough environments that demand quality construction. All our Containment Berms are backed by our “Pawprint of Quality Guarantee" giving you complete confidence in your purchase. You will also find a complete offering of Stormwater Drain Protection Seals and Covers that form an Ultra Tight Drain Seal around drains to prohibit the inflow of fluids. In addition we offer Roof and Pipe Leak Diverters and Bib, Hose Wrap repair Products.

Two Ways To Choose The Containment Product, By Type or By Chart

Option 1: Select By Type

Large Spill Containment Berms
Chemical Spill Containment Berm Snap-Up Fuel Spill Berm
Chemical Spill Containment Berm
  • Chemical resistant berm
  • Stands up to corrosives
  • EPA, SPCC, NPDES compliant
  • Folds for compact storage & transport
  • Ideal for decontamination applications
Snap-Up Fuel Spill Berm
  • Drive in containment for tankers
  • Folding side walls for quick setup
  • Use under vehicles, equipment
  • 30 Mil chemical resistant urethane
  • Optional ground or track mat
FlexWall Drive Through Spill Berm Throw N Go Containment Berm
FlexWall Drive Through Spill Berm
  • Heavy duty fuel resistant material
  • Rounded collapsible entry/exit
  • Walls lie flat when not in use
  • Optional ground or track mat
  • Offered in black, tan, yellow or green
Throw N Go Containment Berm
  • Setup in seconds, unfold & go!
  • No assembly required, just unfold
  • Walls rise when fluid is spilled
  • No breakable parts - Saves you $
  • Optional ground or track mat
Fuel Spill Containment Pop-Up Pools  
Fuel Spill Containment Pop-Up Pools
  • Contain spills on the go
  • Resistant to as low as -65 degrees F
  • Lightweight but very strong
  • Translucency for visual inspection
  • Side markings designate fill levels
Spill Containment Berms
Spill Berm Containment Dike Spill Berm With Connectors
Spill Berm Containment Dike
  • Diverts, dikes & contains spills
  • Forms instant barrier to contain spills
  • Resists oil, water & most chemicals
  • Flexible polyethylene for multiple uses
  • Tacky bottom for easy adhesion
Spill Berm With Connectors
  • Great for small circular drains
  • Connect 2 or more for large areas
  • Chemical resistant polyurethane
  • Wash clean and reuse
  • 4-1/2" H for deeper containment
Drip Pillow Berm Drip Pad Berm
Drip Pillow Berm
  • Catch leaks & drips under vehicles
  • Capture small equipment leaks
  • Weighted, will not tip or splash
  • Grommets provide attachment points
  • Absorbs up to 4 gallons
Drip Pad Berm
  • Great for oil changes
  • Capture small equipment leaks
  • Non-slip barrier envelope
  • Catch leaks & drips under vehicles
  • Absorbs up to 7 qts of spilled liquid
Drain Seals
Square Drain Seal and Drain Plug Drain Seal Cover Holders
Square Drain Seal and Drain Plug
  • Reusable polyurethane drain seal
  • Resists water, oil & most chemicals
  • Protects drains, grates & manholes
  • Available in 18" sq to 48" sq size
  • Great protection for accidental spills
Drain Seal Cover Holders
  • Keeps you ready for quick response
  • Wall mount unit for easy access
  • Truck mount for readiness on the go
  • Fits covers 18" to 48"
  • Mount under truck for quick response
Red Drain Cover Protectors Round Drain Seal Cover Protector
Red Drain Cover Protectors
  • Reversible, use either side
  • Solid tacky urethane cover
  • Lightweight, quick emergency spills
  • Reusable, environmentally safe
  • Chemical resistant
Round Drain Seal Cover Protector
  • Perfect fit for round drains
  • Durable seal for spill protection
  • Reversible, use either side
  • Solid tacky urethane cover
  • 12" to 42" diameters
Green Drain Cover Spill Protectors  
Green Drain Cover Spill Protectors
  • Excellent water drain spill protector
  • Dual durometer urethane material
  • Sticky bottom layer for tight seal
  • Easy to deploy, reuseable
  • Prevents chemicals from entering drains
Leak Diverters & Spill Catchers
Roof Leak Diverter and Spill Catcher Pipe Leak Catchers
Roof Leak Diverter and Spill Catcher
  • Solve roof leak problems quickly
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Divert leaks away from staff & equipment
  • Vinyl fabric channels leaks into hose
  • Divert leaks w/o interrupting work
Pipe Leak Catchers
  • Prevents slip & fall hazards
  • Capture several gallons of water
  • Channel drips away from personnel
  • Coated vinyl with 18" Diameter
  • Connects to standard garden hose
Bib Hose Repair Hose Wrap Repair
Bib Hose Repair
  • Eliminate hose leaks from equipment
  • Wrap & contain hose & fitting leaks
  • Provides safe, secure absorption
  • Absorbs up to 1 quart of fluid
  • Lightweight & highly visible
Hose Wrap Repair
  • Prevents costly leaks and spills
  • Absorb leaks 2" to 20" in size
  • Hook & loop closure holds wrap in place
  • Color coding for easy identification
  • Sorbent pad absorbs hydrocarbons

OPTION 2: Select by Chart (Features and Applications)

  1. Spill Pallet Selection Chart

    Absorbent Selection Chart
  2. Spill Deck Selection Chart

    Oil Absorbents (Repels Water)

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