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Safety Warning Signs: Indicating Caution During Handling

Following safety procedures reduces the chances of getting into an accident. Reading safety labels and warning signs are the first step in practicing hazard prevention. Images on signs are also a good way to communicate these hazards to the workers inside the facility.

Common safety warning signs for chemicals and secure areas are:
  • Poison Sign – indicated by an image of skull and crossbones.
  • Radiation Sign – three black blades, forming a trefoil against a yellow background.
  • High Voltage Sign – a lightning image against a yellow background. Triangular in shape with black borders.
  • Biohazard Symbol – picture of three circles overlapping each other equally, like a Venn diagram with the overlapping parts erased, plus a ring drawn in the middle.
  • Warning Sign – an exclamation mark against a white background, triangular in shape with red borders or yellow background with black borders.
  • Magnetic Field Symbol – this contains a picture of a magnet against a triangular yellow background with black borders.
  • Hand Protection – a stencil of hand gloves are shown against a circular light blue background
  • Flammable Sign – a fire stencil against a triangular yellow background with black borders
  • “Hazardous Gases Contained in This Room” – this picture indicates a figure suffocating on gas particles. This means workers must don protective gear to guard against toxic exposure.
  • Danger: Diesel – wording indicates dangerous substances such as diesel, fuel and gasoline
  • Food Irradiation Symbol – this is represented by the Radura Logo to show that food has been treated with ionizing radiation
  • Ionizing Radiation Sign – this one has a combination of the radiation image, poison image and a stencil of a running figure to illustrate that the area is highly dangerous. It is designed with a triangular red background and black borders.

On top of installing these signs, employers must train their employees to be responsible while handling chemicals or operating in a danger zone. The general safety measures are designed to prevent the likelihood of an accident. Employers must also be aware that while handling these chemicals, they should provide their workers the proper protective equipment to reduce further physical damages that might occur.
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