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Safety Gas Cans: Safely Stores and Dispense Flammables

Safety gas cans are easily transportable and refillable. They are safe and effective to use. They are made of plastic, metal or steel, which is suitable to carry flammable liquid components. These safety gas cans have safety features which protect the content from leaks and spills. They have two separate openings, one for filling the can with liquid gas and one for pouring the gas out.

Their lids are have a neoprene gasket that helps maintain a stable level of pressure inside the cans, protecting them from possibilities of pressure build-up.  Another great feature of these safety gas cans is that they are corrosion-resistant. They are safe from rusting caused by exposure to rain, snow, air moisture and salt.

There are 3 types of safety gas cans to choose from. They offer a wider range of gas cans selections that is appropriate for different types of gas and their uses. These are:

Type I Safety Gas Cans — these are ideal for storing flammables in moderate volume. They have a swinging handle that makes it easier to carry around. Their no-weld construction prevents leaks and spills, which may be harmful to the handler and immediate surroundings. They also have a counterbalance design that supports the weight of the liquid gas against their opening side.

Type II Safety Gas Cans — these type II safety gas cans are designed for more flexible usage. They are used to store gas, kerosene, diesel and oil. Their design is similar to type I safety gas cans but differ in the opening side. They have an added flexible hose on the pour spout that helps anyone pour flammables accurately. They are also color-coordinated to distinguish different types of flammables stored inside these cans - red for gasoline, blue for kerosene, yellow for diesel and green for oil.

Dispensing and Transfer Cans — these gas cans are used for easy flammable liquid dispensing. Their brass dispenser valves reduce the risk of spills happening. They are also used to moisten cleaning cloths and swabs.

These are compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements that states:  “Safety can shall mean an approved container, of not more than 5 gallons capacity, having a spring-closing lid and spout cover and so designed that it will safely relieve internal pressure when subjected to fire exposure."

Using safety gas cans promotes safety against fire hazards since it can store any kind of flammable liquid in a secure container. These are used to store different kinds of gasoline and since they are color-coded for identification, utilizing gas content has been made easier.
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