Equipment for respiratory protection.

We provide a selection of Disposable Respirator Masks necessary for proper breathing protection in dusty environments. Each Respirator Mask by Moldex® is designed for a specific environment, providing your workers with optimal protection. The N95 is best used in hot, humid and dusty workplaces and is resistant to collapsing in high humidity situations. The P100 is ideal for protection against both oil and non-oil particulate matter. The N100 works best in non-oil environments. Moldex® Respirators are NIOSH certified and are available at DAWG®, retailer of quality Respiratory Protection products.

A lot of work environments can be home to serious health risks, such as respiratory problems. Keep your employees safe from suffering unduly due to airborne workplace hazards with the help of respirators.

Dawg® carries a line of respirators that are made to protect wearers effectively while keeping them comfortable at the same time.  Design features such as contoured nose bridges that allow for a close, comfortable fit,  and specialized valves that disperse heat and facilitate easy breathing are seen in a few of the products in this line.

Reduce the possibility of respiratory illnesses in your facility! Help keep your employees healthy by providing them with respirators from Dawg®!