Hearing Protection

Equipment for use in high-noise environments

Protect your employees from the dangers of working in high-noise environments with Hearing Protection equipment. DAWG® carries a number of disposable and reusable earplugs by Moldex® in corded or uncorded types. The PlugStation earplug dispenser is available in 250-pair and 500-pair configurations and mounts easily on walls. Look to DAWG® for all your Hearing Protection needs.

Hearing Protection
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Specialized equipment can produce loud noises that could lead eventually to hearing loss. Protecting your employees from these noises, and subsequently from hearing loss, can be easily done with hearing protection products from Dawg®!

Providing workers with proper hearing protection tools can protect them from the ear-splitting hazards and effects of some factory and plant machinery. A variety of products to help you do this are available from Dawg®. Products like our Disposable Earplugs and our Reusable Earplugs can be used to protect a person from suffering permanent hearing damage. These hearing protection devices allow for a comfortable fit while protecting the individual from loud noises. In bright colors that make them easy to see and up to NRR 33 ratings, these devices are designed to meet standard safety requirements.

Don't let worker safety get drowned out by machine noise! Protect your employees from hearing loss with hearing protection devices from Dawg®!"