Activity Drinks

Drinks for replenishing lost electrolytes

The body can lose vital electrolytes during strenuous physical activities like working in high-heat environments. For situations like these, Activity Drinks are recommended to keep your personnel in good shape. Activity Drinks by Sqwincher® are especially formulated for use in industries to help replace lost electrolytes and help relieve stress for a more productive work environment. Sqwincher® Activity Drinks are available at DAWG.

Activity Drinks
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Employees who perform tasks that require a lot of energy and who sweat a lot need to replenish lost electrolytes and fluids fast or risk dehydration. Activity drinks from Dawg® are a great way of doing this. 

Replenishing lost fluids and regulating the body's normal temperature can be easily facilitated by these activity drinks, helping you continue working at your normal pace without you suffering from heat stress, dehydration or fatigue. Dawg® offers you a variety of Sqwincher activity drinks in various flavors. These are formulated to relieve stress and provide much-needed rehydration and refresment.

Don't let your employees suffer from heat exhaustion! Make sure that Sqwincher activity drinks from Dawg® are on hand for their rehydration needs.