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This winter storms have blanketed the US with snow, ice and rain creating numerous home problems, such as roof leaks, roofs collapsing, water damage from house leaks which will all lead to mold problems if not attended to. Dawg, known for it's expertise in spill control and helping consumers solve spill, leak and drip problems for over two decades, has some answers for battling house leaks, roof leaks and preventing water damage.
Water Absorbing Socks

Home leak protection and clean up

Dawg MRO socks are super absorbent and are the perfect solutions for those struggling with water leaks in the house. Use Dawg socks to catch and absorb leaks and drips along window sills. If you're battling the snow, ice and rain, we share your frustration.

Place Dawg socks along leaking window sills and in front of doors to soak up all those drips and moisture.

Dawg socks absorb up to 1 gallon of water per 4' sock, and almost 2 gallons for larger socks. They can be wrung out and used again. Don't let roof leaks and wall leaks in your home give you mold problems from water damage to sheetrock and wood floors.

 roof leak diverter

Home leak prevention

Like the saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - and can help prevent or minimize water damage from leaking roofs. Roof leak diverters are designed for preventing and minimizing water damage from leaking roofs.

Leak diverters are easy to install and help catch roof and ceiling leaks from causing more water damage problems in the home, office or workplace. Leak diverters catch and channel water leaks and drips away from furniture, equipment and other valuable items. As the drips land in the large umbrella, they are channeled to the center to a hose that will carry the water to a bucket or sink drain minimizing water damage to other areas.

Dawg offers a variety of sizes to fit almost any area. Click here for our complete selection of leak diverters


 Entrance Mats

Keep walkways safe and dry

Indoor and outdoor entrance mats are the perfect solution for keeping the snow, slush and rain outside where it belongs. Outdoor scraper mats and entrances mats help remove snow, slush, dirt from the bottom of boots and shoes.

While indoor entrance mats help absorb any moisture left and keep it on the mat instead of spreading moisture on the floors. This will not only reduce slip hazards but will also help protect your floors from water damage.

Browse our complete collection of indoor and outdoor entrance mats to keep your walkways safe and dry.

 absorbent rolls 5n1 Absorbent Mat  Epoxy Putty
Use Dawg absorbent rolls soak up water leaks on floors along walls and in down hallways.5 n 1 absorbent mat is the most versatile absorbent allowing you to use only what you need. use it as a pad, roll, sock, strip or a wipe.Spill Berms help contain water and keeps leaks and spills from spreading.Dawg Epoxy Putty Repair Sticks provides quick, temporary repairs for all types of applications
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