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Racks & Trays: Ideal Equipment for Ideal Spill Control

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires industries that use oil and other chemicals to have secondary containment measures. This is to prevent these chemicals from contaminating the environment.

Secondary containment is simply providing another container for the original chemical container. A second container ensures that, if for whatever reason the original container fails, the stored chemicals don't spill out. To this end, there are a number of specialized equipment designed to provide your plant with the ideal secondary containment options. Racks and trays are one kind of equipment.

Leaks of any kind can potentially lead to slip and fall accidents. And since slips and falls account for approximately 15% of workplace accidents, reducing the number of these accidents from occurring can save your company a lot of money in litigation costs. Racks and trays greatly help reduce this risk by containing leaks. They also come in a number of different models for different applications.

Drums sometimes need to be stored horizontally, so that you have better access to the liquids contained inside. When storing drums this way, leaks are almost inevitable. For this situation, Drum Containment Racks are the proper equipment to use. Conventional drum racks store your 55 gallon drum horizontally. These specially designed Drum Containment Racks feature a dispensing well and a sump and come in either dual or multi-drum storage options.

The dual system features a foundation rack and a stacker rack allowing you to stack your drums up to two drums high. The foundation rack is compliant with 40 CFR 164.165 and can be lifted using a forklift for easy mobility. The multi-drum system allows you stack up to six 55 gallon drums in a two drum per level configuration. Drum Containment Racks are ideal for establishments with limited floor space.

Drum Spill Containers are another type of secondary containment equipment for industrial drums.  It holds the drum inside, preventing the liquids contained inside from leaking onto the plant floor. They can also be used for waste collection and as a portable drum pumping station. A Drum Containment Locker features a lockable cover which fits over your drum spill container and is ideal for storage outdoors. A drum spill tray comes in a number of sizes designed to hold small bottles, pails and smaller drums to 55 gallon drums.

Drum Containment Carts are similar to other racks & trays but are mobile allowing you to move the leaking drums and other containers around more efficiently. They are available in a number of configurations with a range of sump capacities—from 11 to 80 gallons—allowing you to be ready for any spill containment situation.

Drum Containment Carts are spill trays ideal for smaller jobs. Use these spill trays when storing or working with smaller chemical bottles or batteries. Some models are small enough for use on countertops and smaller work areas, allowing you to prevent spills around your work areas. These spill containment trays helps you to comply with 40 CFR 264.175.

Racks and trays help raise safety levels in your plant or factory, as well as ensure environmental protection. Any plant or factory will greatly benefit from these secondary containment solutions.

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