Q-Vac™ 100 Wet Vacuum

Q-Vac™ 100 Wet Vacuum

Cleans up industrial spills and does the job quietly

The hard working Q-Vac™ 100 Industrial Wet Vacuum thoroughly suctions all types of industrial spills to maintain safety. It removes coolants from machine sumps for optimal equipment operation. This wet vacuum gets the job done quickly and quietly and virtually maintenance-free by running on compressed air.

  • Standard model comes without a drum - Use your own closed head drum
  • Pro Model includes a top of open head drum for quick connections
  • Deluxe Model includes a open head drum and spill scooter

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Select Product
Q-Vac™ 100 Wet Vacuum
Preview Item Number Special Feature Units Price Per Unit QTY
VAC101 Standard Model-Use Your Own Closed Drum Head    Each

In Stock
VAC102 Pro Model -Comes with Open Head Drum    Each

In Stock
VAC103 Deluxe Model-Comes with Open-Head Drum    Each

In Stock
VAC110 Explosion Proof Vacuum Kit    Each

In Stock

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