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Perforated Lightweight and Mediumweight Absorbents: The Cost-Effective Spill Response Solution

Imagine that to clean up a simple drop of soup on the dinner table, you have to use an entire paper towel. Isn't that such a waste of paper? To maximize the use of that paper towel, you'd probably end up wiping other parts of the table. Or, since paper towels aren't really that expensive, you have no second thoughts when you throw it in the trash.

A similar thing happens in industrial facilities in regards to absorbents. Previously, sorbents were only available in one type and capacity - heavyweight. If you had a small spill in your workplace, you used the same heavyweight pad. And unlike that paper towel and soup, you can't exactly re-use an absorbent to clean up other chemicals at the risk of triggering a dangerous chemical reaction. That's why many companies end up throwing out half-used sorbent pads, even if they are expensive (a pack containing 100 heavyweight pads already costs more than $60).

This led manufacturers to start making lightweight and medium-weight absorbent pads and rolls. The most economical of all sorbents in the market, they are designed only for small- and medium-sized spills. With lightweight and medium-weight absorbents, the capacity of the absorbents is matched to the extent of the spill. Each pack of lightweight absorbents contains 200 pads, and each pack can absorb a total of 38 gallons. While each pad alone can absorb less liquid, this only means that you don't have to waste an entire heavyweight pad to clean up a very small spill. They are also perforated so you just use what you need, eliminating unnecessary waste, and are best for lining tool boxes.

Lightweight and medium-weight absorbent pads and rolls are truly the cost effective solution to handling spills and leaks. The rolls are especially designed to cover problem areas around machinery that usually sprays or leaks liquid on the work floor. Despite being lightweight, they are tough enough to withstand moderate or heavy foot traffic. Workers can basically walk on these rolls and they won't fall apart because of their scuff-resistant top layer. Companies save more from restocking fees in absorbent supplies since more of the rolls and pads will be utilized more efficiently..

Because of these aforementioned benefits, lightweight and medium-weight absorbents are truly the cost-effective answer to any company's compliance and spill response needs. These help ensure that the workplace is an environment where people will be safe and productive, on top of making the business grow.

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