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Outdoor First Aid Kit: Emergency Preparedness on the Go

Experiencing the great outdoors can be fun and exciting, but accidents can happen anytime. People are more prone to accidents in unfamiliar environments and many are unaware of what can happen. According to a study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 213,000 Americans were treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries during outdoor recreational activities from 2004 to 2005 alone. The most common injuries are fractures.

For the outdoor enthusiast, these medical emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Injuries include common incidents such as snake or insect bites, scratches and scrapes, burns and wounds to more serious cases such as fractures, head or neck injury, bleeding, respiratory arrest, heat and cold exposure, tissue damage and shock. Anticipating these potential risks include giving special care in selecting the right first aid kit for your adventure trip. It must contain all the items that might be necessary to treat someone in an emergency situation.

An effective outdoor first aid kit holds many items needed for outdoor emergencies and wilderness survival. These outdoor first aid kits contain injury-specific components separated into labeled compartments, so that first responders will have an easier and faster time getting what they need. Ready-made first aid kits, developed specifically for outdoor use, are made with careful consideration to the climate and terrain the user will be exposed to, plus the specific activities planned. These kits contain the essentials such as sting relievers, antiseptics, antibiotics, ointments, pain relievers, allergy medicines, bandages, wound care, sun block, moleskin, cold compress, disposable gloves, scissors, tweezers and thermometers. A first aid manual is also included in the kit.

Preparedness is the primary element of first aid. When someone is injured or suddenly becomes ill, there is a critical period before getting medical treatment. This period is the most crucial in the victim’s life. First aid kits provide immediate action for use during that critical period. These kits are designed to treat non-emergency situations that do not need a doctor and to provide instant care in emergency situations.

An outdoor first-aid kit is just as important as any outdoor gear. They help you prepare for any accident or medical emergency that may happen when you are away from civilization. Having an outdoor first aid kit available at all times is like having an insurance policy when you are in the wilderness. Investing in these first aid supplies is worth the time and money you put into it. They may not mean much to you right now but they can help save a life during a crisis

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