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Why Your Workplace Needs a Oil Spill Response Kit Cabinet

Businesses - whose employees handle oil in their facility -  are prone to accidental oil spills and leaks. It is best to be prepared to deal with these spills when they occur. If an oil spill gets the chance to spread, they have the potential to cause damage to equipment, the facility and the environment as well. They can also increase the risk of accidents such as slips and falls for workers.

The number one cause of injury in any workplace is slip and fall accidents. These types of accidents usually happen when a worker steps on a pool of oil or another liquid substance that causes them to slip, fall and potentially break or sprain a bone or joint. There can also be loss of inventory which, though also significant, is not as important as the safety of a human being.

The best response against dangerous oil leaks is to have the appropriate spill response equipment available at your facility to safely contain and clean up spilled oil. An oil spill response kit provides the total solution for this. Oil-only spill kits absorb oil and oil-based liquids but not water. These kits contain numerous products such as oil-only absorbent mats, socks, pillows, as well as other spill accessories to help you dispose of used absorbents safely.

Since oil spill kits contain a lot of products for specific oil spill response needs, storage for them should be considered.  There are cabinets available on the market to provide storage for spill kits. These cabinet oil spill kits safely store the essential water-repelling absorbents for fast and effective oil spill cleanup. These cabinets are made of heavy duty steel, making them ideal for use in industrial environments. They can also serve as a spill response station for any facility, since your entire oil-spill cleanup tools are stored inside. They should be placed in a central location where most spills are likely to happen.

Oil spill response cabinets provide easy accessibly and quick access to any oil spill situation. Their central location in a facility makes it easy for workers to find all the oil-spill tools they need. Not only that, these cabinets store oil spill products in an organized way. This makes monitoring and control of oil spill kit stock easier. They also provide a sturdy housing that protects the oil spill products from outside element that may damage them. And most of all, having these cabinets at your facility will help you comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guideline 29 CFR 1910.106(d)(3).

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