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Oil Spill Cleanup

Oil Spill Prevention - Protect Your Property

The potential damages from the oil spill tragedy in the gulf could be much larger than originally expected. As the spill continues to spread many coast lines areas are concerned how this will affect gulf coast states. While BP, government and environmental agencies are doing everything they can, many local businesses and homeowners are wondering what they can do to protect themselves.

So what can you do to protect yourselves and your property?


Gulf Oil Spill

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Oil Spill Supplies: Absorbent booms, sorbent pads, rolls & oil spill kits


Oil Spill Roll
Absorbent boom
Oil Spill Pads
Oil Spill Kit
Sorbent rolls for easy
retrieval when saturated
Absorbent Booms for fuel
and oil on water
Sorbents Pads selectively
absorb oil not water
Spill Response Kit
for fast, spill response


Oil spill supplies such as Absorbent booms, pads and rolls are used to soak up the oil before it reaches the shoreline. Place the absorbent booms, oil only pads and rolls between the containment boom and your property to absorb the oil off the water. These absorbents are specifically designed to selectively absorb only oil and not water.

Our ROL120 is a large unperforated oil only sorbent is easy to deploy and retrieve once fully saturated.

The current oil spill cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico has many people baffled as to how to stop, contain and prevent the spill from further damaging to gulf, wildlife and soon, the shores of coast line states.

While BP, government and environmental agencies are doing everything they can, many local businesses and homeowners are wondering what they can do to protect themselves. If you are among the concerned, first and foremost, educate yourself about the effects of oil spills, emergency spill response methods, protection and prevention and having a contingency plan so you are prepared when spills occur.

Below are links to products and informational resources for understanding what to do in the event of an oil spill.

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Strategies for selecting the right spill response method

 Contingency plan for oil spill control


Once the oil spill absorbents are fully saturated with petroleum, spill cleanup pads, rolls and absorbent booms must be deposed of and replaced with new ones. Be sure to check with local regulations regarding proper disposal of used absorbents and other oil spill cleanup supplies. Using overpack containers such as our PAK167 and our PAK197 are large enough to safely contain your used absorbents and will help you comply with DOT 49 CFR 173.3 (c) EPA, SPCC and NPDES regulations. For smaller, easy to manange labpacks try our 30 gallon overpack PAK135 or our 20 gallon container PAK123.

95 Gallon Overpack
65 Gallon Overpack
30 Gallon Overpack
20 Gallon Overpack
95 Gallon Overpack
65 Gallon Overpack
30 Gallon Overpack
20 Gallon Overpack

If and when the oil spill does reach the shoreline, the oil can affect wildlife; such as seabirds and sea others, the land; rocks, soil and plants as well as personal property and local businesses.

Absorbents such as oil only pads are used to soak up oil off the water and to wipe down boats, rocks, docks, wild life covered with oil. White oil only absorbents come in boxes or bags of 100 or 200 pads, for easy storage on boat, vessel or locker. Absorbents are oil spill cleanup supplies that are easy to store and use.

Oil Only Spill Kits

Oil only spill kits come in a variety of sizes, filled with Dawg oil only absorbent pads, rolls, socks and booms. Dawg 20 gallon container kit (KIT304) and our 30 gallon overpack kit (KIT305) are the perfect size to keep on hand to respond to small to medium oil spills.

Containment Booms: Demand is high, lead times extended.
Plan ahead - Order Booms Now!

While BP and the various gov't agencies are busy trying to contain the spill from expanding out, you as a homeowner or small business owner can use smaller lengths of containment booms as a preventative measure to keep oil spills from entering into smaller water channels, canals, inlets, harbors and marinas. These are similar to the type of booms the larger companies are using to contain the spill out at sea, but our Simplex Boom is specifically designed for calmer waters in marinas, andinland waterways

Due to the increased volume of containment booms being made for the first responders, the lead time for these booms are currently 6 to 8 weeks. Many homeowners, boat owners and local businesses in Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida panhandle and gulf coast are ordering now to be prepared for when the spill does reach their shores in weeks and months to come. Planning ahead is key to being prepared for the future affects of the spill.

Individual property owners have also used containment booms as a barrier around their property or boat to eliminate or reduce the amount of oil deposit on their property.

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