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In this issue of "The Daily Growl" you will find helpful articles regarding compliance and safety issues pertaining to cylinder storage, understanding ergonomics and other workplace safety issues. Other topics include first aid and AED training, choosing the right fire extinguishers, maintaining a cleanroom environment as well as the top safety issues for 2007.

Storing And Handling Of Flammables

Fido's got the answers
for storing and handling highly flammable materials.

Storing Compressed Gas Cylinders
Compressed Gas and LP Gas Cylinders require special storage and handling precautions for worker safety.
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Fire Extinguisher Classifications
There are 4 classes of fire extinguishers depending on what type of material is burning. Do you know what type of fire extinguisher to use?
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Compliance Issues

Clint Eastwoof, the new OSHA Sheriff's in town to enforce the law on compliance issues

OSHA's New "It's The Law" Poster
The poster informs employers and employees of their rights and responsibilities for a safe and healthful workplace.
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EPA to Extend SPCC Compliance To 2009
Proposed rule would extend the dates that a facility must prepare,amend and implement its SPCC Plan, until 2009
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Workplace Safety & Productivity

"Chaz" is here to show you how to keep your workplace clean and safe.

How Clean Is Your Cleanroom?
Learn about cleanroom classifications, cleanroom apparel and how to keep your cleanroom clean.
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Ergonomics: Improving The Quality of Work
Simple workplace modifications pay big dividends for employee morale, productivity and efficiency.
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Health & Safety

Our 'Safety Dawg' will help you be prepared to respond to emergency situations.

Every Second Counts!
AED, CPR and First Aid Training are essential for all employees. Would you know what to do in the event of any emergency?
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Recognizing & Eliminating Hazards
Facilities gaining awareness to major hazard areas in the workplace are raising the bar for workplace safety.
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