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MRO Absorbent Rolls: Rolls for All Industrial Spills

Regular household spills like coffee or juice can be cleaned by using paper towels, but for the industrial businesses, common paper towels and wipes cannot complete the job. For heavier spills like oil and chemicals, something more durable must be used. These spills contain toxic components that can harm people's health, damage hard surfaces, and are even poisonous to the environment. To keep industrial workplaces free of these hazards, employers must use heavy duty absorbent rolls to absorb toxic spills without compromising workplace safety.

MRO Absorbent Rolls are appropriate for these industrial spills. They can absorb and retain sediments to keep the workplace safe and clean. Workers do not need to expose themselves to spills since these absorbent rolls already do the job of soaking up every drop of liquid waste. All the workers need to do is place the rolls on large areas where spills are frequent, and dispose of them once the surfaces are dry.

There are different types of MRO Absorbent Rolls to choose from for more convenience:

Heavyweight Gray Absorbent Rolls — These absorb leaks, sprays and drips from heavy equipment. They can be placed under machines or pipes to contain hazardous liquids and thus preventing possible slippery surfaces that can lead to accidents.

High Traffic 'UnderDawg' Rolls — These are used for heavier foot traffic in the workplace. These can absorb moisture from shoes when workers walk on them, and they are efficient in absorbing heavier spills.

Middleweight Gray Absorbent Rolls — These are also used for heavy foot traffic that keep floors and surfaces clean. These absorb oil spills, preventing workers from slipping on greasy walkways.

5 N 1® Multi-Purpose Absorbent Mat — This absorbent is designed for practicality. It can be used in five different ways to accommodate different spill needs. This can be used as a pad, roll, strip, wipe or  sock. A must-have in every workplace.

Camouflage Sorbent Rolls — These absorb more than other rolls, over a longer period of time, and are very affordable. They are mostly used for moderate oil and chemical spills which also clean grime sticking on the floors.

High Traffic 'Cushion' Industrial Rugs — These help eliminate fatigue from prolonged standing. They provide comfort for the workers which support their foot soles from being strained and absorb heavy duty spills. Their double-duty performance is practical for industrial companies.

High Traffic Recycled Rugs — These rugs are environment-friendly since they are made from recycled materials. They can absorb oil, chemicals, solvents and other liquids even in heavy foot traffic.

PolyBack High Traffic Mats — These mats are mostly used to cover floors with liquid containers to prevent constant drying of the floors from spills.

High Traffic 'TuffDawg' Industrial Rugs — These are used for heavy foot traffic and can absorb light spills from oversprays, leaks and drips.

These MRO Absorbent Rolls are compliant with Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC) as they help the working environment be free of dangers from toxic spills. They also are used as preventive measures against workplace injuries acquired from slipping on wet floors.

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