Moldex® Sparkplug® Disposable Ear Plugs and Dispenser

Moldex® Sparkplug® Disposable Ear Plugs and Dispenser

So comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing ear plugs

Moldex® Sparkplug® Disposable Ear Plugs are 100% PVC-Free® and made of extra-soft, extra light foam. Their tapered shape fits easily in the ear canal, and seals gently and snugly without pressure. These disposable earplug offer a high NRR 33, making them suitable for most noisy environments. So, while they look like fun, they provide serious protection and their bright, fun colors provide easy compliance checks. Available individually packaged either corded or uncorded or in wall mountable dispensers. The dispenser is available with either 250 or 500 uncorded pairs and provides convenient access to ear protection in the workplace. Ear plugs drop right into the palm of your hand so you don’t have to worry about them falling on the floor or sitting in trays collecting dust and contaminants. When it’s empty just pitch the used and dirty dispenser in the recycle bin and replace with a fresh, clean one.

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Moldex® Sparkplug® Disposable Ear Plugs and Dispenser
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