Miracle Sorb® Biodegradable Sorbent

Miracle Sorb® Biodegradable Sorbent

A completely organic and biodegradable sorbent

Miracle Sorb biodegradable sorbent mulch is a highly effective hydrocarbon sorbent. Miracle Sorb is made from uncontaminated sugar cane bagasse (residue after sugar juice extraction), dried and fiberized to create a unique, porous stucture that absorbs hydrocarbons quickly, effectively, and permanently. Miracle Sorb Plain is used primarily as a sorbent material to pick up hydrocarbons. Typically, it is spread over the spilled liquid, which it absorbs, then is collected and hauled off for disposal. It can be left in place to naturally remediate the site.

  • Absorbs all hydrocarbon liquids, including oil, acetone, solvents, and paints
  • Reduces hydrocarbons in contaminated soil by 60% per month
  • Permanently encapsulates hydrocarbons
  • Completely organic and biodegradable: can be left in place, disposed of in landfills, or incinerated (less than 5% ash), depending on applicable regulations
  • Nontoxic: harmless to plants and animals
  • Nonleaching, highly absorbent, encapsulates on contact
  • Works on dry or swampy ground
  • Easy application: no expensive equipment required
  • Economical: typically use one 2 cu-ft bag per cubic meter of contaminated soil.
  • Choose from bags or socks

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Miracle Sorb® Biodegradable Sorbent
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