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Spills: Mercury Spills Less than or equal to the amount in a thermometer

Remove everyone from the area where cleanup will take place. Shut door of impacted area. Turn off ventilation system. DO NOT allow or gain assistance from children. Remember to remove all pets as well.

Mercury Spills can be cleaned up easily from the following surfaces: wood, linoleum, tile and any other like surfaces.

If a Mercury Spill occurs on carpet, curtains, upholstery or other like surfaces, these contaminated items should be thrown away in accordance with the disposal means outlined below. Only cut and remove the affected portion of the contaminated carpet for disposal.

Mercury Spill Check List

Items needed to clean up a small mercury spill

1. 4 to 5 ziplock-type bags
2. trash bags (2 to 6 mm thick)
3. rubber or latex gloves
4. paper towels
5. cardboard or squeegee
6. eyedropper
7. duct tape, or shaving cream & small paint brush
8. flashlight
9. powdered sulfur (optional)

Spills: More than the amount in a thermometer

Cleanup Instructions:

1. Isolate the area.
2. Turn down temperature.
3. Open windows.
4. Don't let anyone walk through the mercury.
5. Don't vacuum.
6. Contact your local or state health or state environmental agency.

The general public can clean up small mercury spills no greater than the amount contained in a thermometer from flat surfaces. If you estimate your mercury spill to be greater than the amount in a thermometer, isolate the contaminated area and call your local or state health or state environmental agency.

Spills: Greater than One Pound (Two Tablespoons)

Any time one pound or more of mercury is released to the environment, it is mandatory to call the National Response Center (NRC). The NRC hotline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (800) 424-8802. Note that because mercury is heavy, only two tablespoons of mercury weigh about one pound

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