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Plastic Drums And Poly Drums For Containment And Material Storage.

Plastic Drums Overpacks

Dawg provides Plastic and Poly Drums of all sizes for many different applications. We offer a full line of Drum Over packs and Lab packs used primarily to protect steel or plastic drums when in transport. These Salvage Drums are larger than the metal or plastic drums that would go inside, giving it protection from any rupture that may occur when being handled or transported. Our Plastic Drums come in a range of sizes from 95 gallon down to a 20 gallon Storage Drum. We also carry a Plastic Drum known as our Bear-Proof Container Poly Drum that will prohibit bears from entering into garbage cans making them a Bear-Proof Trash Can. In addition, you will find Steel Drums along with Fiber Drums for storing materials, liquids and solids.

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Overpack Salvage Plastic Drums
95 Gallon Salvage Poly Overpack Drums 65 & 50 Gallon Poly Overpacks & Labpacks
95 gallon overpack
  • For shipping leaky 55 gal drums
  • Rupture protection while moving drums
  • Optional dolly drum dolly
  • Complies with 49 CFR173.3 (c)
  • Meets packaging groups I, II, III
50 gal overpacks
  • PAK165 for overpacking 30 gal drums
  • PAK165 Y rated for groups I, II, III
  • PAK150 for 20, 16 & 5 gal containers
  • PAK150 Y rated for groups II, III
  • PAK150 wheeled overpack
Poly Salvage Drums With UV Inhibitors Labpacks & Overpack Plastic Drums
Poly salvage drum
  • Great quality, affordable price
  • Polyethylene with UV inhibitors
  • 20, 30, 65 & 95 Gallon sizes
  • Closed cell foam gasket lid
  • Meets 3 psi pressure test regs
  • Store/transport hazardous materials
  • Durable, chemical resistant
  • All labpacks are UN certified
  • DOT 49 CFR173.12(b) compliant
  • Screw on lid provides positive seal
20 & 30 Gallon Lab packs and Over packs 20 & 30 Plastic Drums
Labpacks overpacks
  • Durable Polyethylene
  • UV inhibitors for chemical resistance
  • FDA compliant - food grade quality
  • Packing Groups I, II, III for Hazmat
  • UN certified to HM-181
Plastic drums
  • Securely contains solids & sludges
  • Nestable for easy shipping
  • Helps comply with 40 CFR 173.3(c)
  • Easy & secure twist on lid
180 & 600 Gallon Overpacks Bear Proof Garbage Cans
Large overpacks
  • Transport & store transformers
  • Secure Grip top provides tight seal
  • Helps avoid spills & costly cleanup
  • Meets EPA, SPCC & NPDES Regs
Bearcade bin
  • Bear/animal proof container
  • Keeps animals out of your trash
  • Blown molded polyethylene
  • Endorsed by The BEAR Group
Steel And Fiber Drums
Steel Open & Closed Head Drums Fiber Drums With Steel Lock Rim

  • New or reconditioned steel drums
  • Transport/storage of liquids or solids
  • UN certified, 15 to 55 gallon sizes
  • Corrosion resistant interiors
Lockable fiber drum
  • Low cost alternative to steel drums
  • Lightweight, easy transport
  • Store dry & semi-liquid compounds
  • Lever locking band
Fiber Drums With Fiber Lid  
Fiber drum lid
  • Disposable fiber drums
  • Ideal for dry materials
  • High profile lid, full storage
  • Fully incinerable, no metal hardware
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