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Safety Cans For Oily Waste, Medical And Liquid Dispensing Containers.

Safety waste cans

Safety Cans from Dawg are available for a large variety of applications for industrial and commercial uses. We offer a full line of Safety Dispensing Cans for Laboratory uses and Oil Waste Containers and cans for industrial applications. Bench and Daub Cans clean small parts in solvent while our Stainless Steel Safety Cans are great for high purity chemical storage and dispensing. Medical Waste Containers are ideal for the placement of biohazard waste in medical offices and hospitals. These Biological Waste Receptacles are available in both plastic and metal. Hazardous Waste Containers are also OSHA, OBRA & NFPA compliant and are available as a Biological Mobile Waste Receptacle.

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Safety Waste Cans
Laboratory Safety Cans Steel Liquid Disposal Cans
Lab safety can
  • Reduce danger of flammables explosion
  • Prevents ignition of flammable vapors
  • Metal, stainless steel or poly cans
  • Safe storage & handling of chemicals
  • Great for laboratory use
Disposal safety cans
  • Temporary storage of liquid waste
  • FM approved steel disposal cans
  • Offered in galvanized or stainless steel
  • Spout opens to 80 degrees angle
  • Flame arrestor, pressure relief cap
Stainless Steel Safety Cans Polyethylene Liquid Disposal Cans
Stainless safety can
  • Great for high purity chemicals
  • Type I, 24 gauge, 316 stainless steel
  • Trigger type flow control handle
  • Leak-proof, pressure release cap
  • Buna-N rubber gasket, steel flame arrestor
Poly liquid disposal can
  • Disposal of flammables & corrosives
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Large opening for controlled filling
  • Cap vents 3 and 5 psig
  • Flame arrestor prevents ignition risk
Medical Waste Containers
Polyethylene Bio Hazard Waste Containers 'Defenders' Medical Waste Containers
Poly biohazard waste can
  • Place biohazards in poly waste cans
  • Use for solvents, rags & combustibles
  • Advise workers of potential biohazards
  • Chemical resistant can won't rust
  • Meets OSHA 29 CFR1910.1030
Medical waste step can
  • Fire-safe steel medical waste can
  • Powder coated or stainless waste can
  • Meets OSHA & OBRA regulations
  • Hands free step can
  • Foot pedal and self closing lid
Medi-Can Waste Receptacle Silent Defenders Medical Waste Step Cans
Medi-Can waste container
  • OSHA & OBRA compliant step cans
  • Ideal for exam rooms, treatment rooms
  • Hands free foot pedal, self close lid
  • Leak proof rigid plastic liner
  • Round or square cans, optional decals
Silent close waste can
  • OSHA, OBRA & NFPA compliant
  • Hands-free pedal, quiet-close lids
  • Leak-proof rigid plastic liner
  • Contain biohazard & infectious waste
  • Stainless steel legs, non-skid button
Oily Waste Safety Dispensing Cans
Plastic Oily Waste Containers Justrite Oily Waste Containers
Oily waste can
  • Prevents spontaneous combustion
  • Collection of hazardous oily waste
  • Foot lever and self closing lids
  • Chemical resistant poly - won't rust
  • 6, 10 & 14 gallon oily waste cans
Steel oily waste can
  • Isolates oily soaked rags
  • Protects against fire risks
  • Limits oxygen, prevents combustion
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Convenient foot operated cover
Steel Drain Cans With Funnel  
Steel drain can funnel
  • Safely collect used solvents
  • Wide mouth funnel catches all
  • Removable plated steel funnel
  • Built-in flame arrestor
  • 3/4 thread drain plug

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