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Dawg® Brand and Other Top Brand Manufacturer Products

Dawg® has always prided itself on quality and offering only the best products available. Dawg® carries top brand products from the leading manufacturers of spill and safety products. What you look for in a manufacturer is the same thing we look for - a history of quality products that have been proven and tested to be safe and efficient, and an effective way to keep your workplace clean, safe and in compliance.

The manufacturer brands we carry must share our commitment to quality, excellence and providing the very best customer service to our customers. Click on the links to go to the product pages. For further detail informations or manufacturing specifications, click on the logo to go to the manufacturer's website.

Spill Containment


Eagle Spill Pallets & Decks- Eagle Spill Platforms & Pallets are the most flexible and comprehensive spill protection, containment and storage products on the market today. They are made of polyethylene construction for excellent chemical resistance and feature Eagle's patented removable poly grating for easier cleaning.

Eagle Spill PalletsModular Spill Decks
 Inline Multi Drum Spill Decks

Enpac Spill Pallets & Decks - is the world's leading manufacturer of plastic Spill Prevention, Containment, and Control products. ENPAC specializes in the design and manufacture of proprietary spill containment products for nearly 20 years. ENPAC's comprehensive line of products provides high value solutions that ensure both worker safety, and help to protect a company's bottom line.

Drum Spill PalletsLow Profile Spill Decks
Space Saving Inline Spill Pallets 
Versa-Fold Flexible Spill Pallets 



Justrite Spill Pallets & Decks - Eco-friendly pallets and decks are made of up to 100% recycled polyethylene, making them twice as good for the environment! They not only protect against groundwater contamination, they also utilize post-industrial material that might have otherwise been discarded into the waste stream. Quality engineered pallets and spill decks withstand the toughest environments for superior spill control.

Eco-friendly Spill PalletsEco-Friendly Accumulation Centers (spill decks)

SPC Premium Spill Pallets & Decks - SPC's spill containment products are designed with your efficiency in mind - keeping your employees and work environment safe from unexpected drum spills or leaks. Their low profile, two-drum spill decks are a cost effective means for containing potentially hazardous leaks in your drum storage and dispensing areas. Spill pallets offer up to 128 gallons of containment and meet with government secondary spill containment regulations.

Premium Extra Large Spill PalletsPremium Spill Containment Decks



Ultratech Spill Pallets & Decks - Ultratech Spill Containment product line is the most extensive in the world. Using molded polyethylene, polyurethane and polymer-coated fabrics as the primary materials of choice, these secondary containment products are engineered to capture hazardous material spills from a wide variety of vessels, including laboratory bottles, drums, IBC tanks, stationary tanks, machinery, tanker trucks and railcars. Check out the selection of Ultratech spill pallets, spill decks and containment berms.

Low Profile PalletsModular Spill Containment Decks
Flourinated Spill PalletsInline Bladder Spill Decks
Economy Spill PalletsFlourinated Spill Decks for Aggressive Chemicals


Paper Systems

Paper Systems - Paper Systems has manufactured EZ-BULK for over 20 years as the most source reductive and environmentally friendly disposable liquid bulk container on the market today.  EZ-BULK IBC systems vary in size from 110 gallons to 330 gallons. EZ-BULK is an economical solution to 55 gallon steel drums or returnable bulk containers for domestic or overseas applications.  EZ-BULK's liquid bulk packaging solution solves food grade, Kosher, and dairy applications as well as a wide variety of non-hazardous chemicals.  Personal service and fast turn around on orders helps your business keep a competitive edge. 

Liquid Bulk Containers 


Material Handling and Safety


Eagle Brand Products - Eagle safety cans and cabinets have long been the industry standard for quality in the industrial marketplace. Offering FM compliant safety cans and safety storage cabinets, overpacks, labpacks, spill pallets and spill decks and much more.

Safety Cans, Gas Cans & Plunger Cans
Eagle Type I Safety CansEagle Bench & Daub Cans
Eagle Type I Polyethylene Safety CansEagle Steel Plunger Cans
Eagle Type II Safety CansEagle Plastic Plunger Cans
Eagle DOT Transport Type II Safety CansEagle Faucet Safety Cans
Safety Waste Cans, Medical Waste Cans
Laboratory Safety CansSteel Liquid Disposal Cans
Stainless Steel Safety CansPoly Liquid Disposal Cans
BioHazard Waste ContainersPoly Oily Waste Containers



Enpac Products - are one of the world's leading manufacturers of plastic Spill Prevention, Containment, and Control products. For nearly 20 years Enpac has produced high-quality, value-driven polyethylene spill containment products.

95-110 Gallon OverpacksOverpack Dolly
Mobile Overpacks55 & 85 Gallon Drum Lifter
20-30 Gallon Labpaks 




Wearwell Matting - Wearwell is the industry leader in ergonomic and safety matting. Providing safety, anti-fatigue, industrial and commerical matting to help keep workers safe and comfortable while they work. Dawg offers Wearwell's complete line of mats, including Solid Mats, Drainage Mats, Interlocking Mats, Entrance Mats, Conductive Mats, Mat Runner and Specialty Mats.

Anti-Fatigue Mats'Green' SMART Mats
Anti-fatigue Drainage MatsDiamond Plate Eco-Friendly Smart Mats
Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor MatsTile-top Recycled Smart Mats
Interlocking Modular Stress Mats 
Specialty MatsEntrance Mats & Runners
Industry Specific MatsEntrance Mats
Conductive MatsMat Runners
Non-Conductive Mats 

JustriteJustrite Products - Justrite is the leading source of storage, handling and security products including fire prevention safety equipment for hazardous materials, environmental protection spill containment devices, and specialized storage products.

Safety Cans, Gas Cans - Type ISafety Cans, Gas Cans - Type II
Justrite Type I Safety CansJustrite UNO DOT Type II Safety Cans
Justrite Type I Polyethylene Safety CansJustrite Type II Safety Cans
 Justrite UNO Type II Safety Cans
Plunger Cans & Safety Waste Cans
LubeRite Oil CansOily Waste Can
Justrite Plunger & Dispensing CansSteel Drain Cans


Wesco Material Handling Products - Since 1948 Wesco manufacturing has been providing quality material handling products, such as hand trucks, drum equipment, and lifting equipment to workers to work more efficiently and safely.

Pedal Lift TruckFork Mounted Poly Drum Grab
Ergonomic Drum LifterDrum Grabbing & Lifting Equipment
 Fork Mounted Drum Dispenser
 Fork Lift Adjustable Drum Grab


Personal Protection and Safety


Lymtech Scientific - provides a multitude of superior cleanroom products for the control of contamination in a broad range of industries, including wafer fabrication; electronics; nuclear-related; aerospace; medical/pharmaceutical; semi-conductor manufacturing; and a growing list of new and innovative technologies.

Cleanroom WipersE-Fusion Alcohol Wipes
Anti Static WipesSterile Wipes - Gamma Irradiated
100% Cotton Nonwoven WipePre-Saturated Wipes

Lakeland Industries - is a multidivisional, publicly-held producer of quality, high-performance protective garments for industry in both domestic and worldwide markets. Lakeland's protective clothing products are proven on-the-job every day, and are specified routinely for workers in the chemical petrochemical, healthcare, automotive, glass, cement and other industries in which hazardous materials must be handled.

Level A Protective SuitsTyvek Coveralls
Level B Chemical Protective SuitsDisposable Coveralls
Tychem SL Suits and ApparelRain Suits
Tychem QC Splash Protection Suits 
MicroMax Work Coveralls 
Safegard 76 White Coverall 


Cleaning and Maintenance


BioChem - BioChem Systems manufactures innovative, user friendly and environmentally responsible cleaners and degreasers. BioChem set out to produce a product that cleaned as well as, or better than, 1, 1, 1 TCA, that was biodegradable and safe to workers and the environment. Bio T products meet all the criteria required of an environmentally friendly and worker safe product; the product should not contain chlorinated solvents, petroleum products, acids, caustics, or other hazardous chemicals.

BioChem Cleaners & DegreasersBiodegradable Immersion Cleaner
Hard Surface DegreaserPaving & Construction Cleaners

Eco-Link - with over 30 years of critical cleaning experience, Eco-Link provides a full range of cleaning applications; aqueous formulations for mechanical cleaning, aerosols for contact cleaning, pre-saturated wipes for surface preparation and solvents and degreasers in parts washing machines. Eco-Link products meet meticulous technical specifications and deliver help to revise cleaning procedures in order to comply with changing regulations.

S-34 Aqueous CleanerPinnacle Neutral pH Degreaser
RIP-TIDE Multi-Purpose DegreaserECC Preferred Contact Cleaner
Positron Dielectric Cleaner
EnvirologicEnvirologic -EnviroLogic is the leading global manufacturer of industrial, commercial, marine, institutional and residential products for use in the innovative field of Environmental Biotechnology. Their commitment to continual excellence in the production of cost effective and application friendly products has resulted in the development of unique, natural and exceptionally efficient bioremedial products. Envirologic manufactures the extensive synergistic system of SpillAway Brand products to assist customers achieve mandatory regulatory compliance.

Microbial Cleaners ListingOWS-200 Oil Water Separator
NavalKleen Boat Bilge CleanerLiquid Remediact Cleaner
Septic Tank Cleaner 
SimpleSimple Green - is a worldwide market leader providing quality, environmentally safe, cleaning products. The Simple Green family of products encompasses consumer and industrial product lines. Simple Green products are a part of everyday life in millions of homes, commercial and industrial sites worldwide.

All Simple Green CleanersHeavy Duty Crystal Cleaner
Simple Green OriginalSafety Hand Towels
Simple Green Hand Gel 


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