KenGro BioSorb™ 2 Cubic Foot Bag

KenGro BioSorb™ 2 Cubic Foot Bag

A completely renewable, all natural absorbent

Bio-Sorb™ organic floor absorbent is a completely renewable, all natural absorbent that enhances the bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons. This super organic absorbent will absorb up to 6 times its weight with extremely low leaching (less than 1%). Bio-Sorb™ is environmentally friendly and is non-toxic so it will not harm plants or animals. Bio-Sorb™ natural absorbent is hydrophobic, or not soluble in water so it will float for long periods for easy recovery of spills on water and useful for filtration of liquid contaminants in water. Bio-Sorb™ is simply the best granular organic absorbent product available. It provides superior performance and is a low cost solution for more efficient clean up of land, water or hard surface spills and for restoring contaminated sites. BioSorb absorbent pillows are filled with renewable, all natural materials that provide great absorbing power for cleaning up oil spills on water.

  • Sold in a 2 Cubic Foot Bag
  • Absorb 14.5 gallons

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KenGro BioSorb™ 2 Cubic Foot Bag
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