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The 5 Reasons Your Facility Needs Justrite Safety Cabinets

All businesses strive for two things: profitability and sustainability. Certain qualities are required if you desire to achieve these two. In an industrial setting there are about 5 qualities needed when you want your plant operations to be both efficient and sustainable. These qualities are: safety, security, efficiency, organization and compliance.

To achieve these qualities one must invest in certain equipment. One perhaps overlooked piece of equipment is an industrial safety cabinet. And of the many safety cabinets on the market, your best choice is the Justrite Safety Cabinet. Justrite Safety Cabinets come in a number of models that have features which meet those 5 qualities.

1.                  Safety – Hazards such as slip and fall accidents, fires and others have to be minimized. Justrite Safety Cabinets have a number of features designed to address these hazards. An 18 gauge steel double wall with 1 1/2’’ of insulating space and dual vents with flash arrestors helps prevent fires. “Spill Catcher” shelves with built-in troughs catch drips. A 5 gallon sump in the 45 gallon models prevent slips and falls by ensuring all stored fluids stay inside the cabinet.

2.                  Security – Chemicals are dangerous in the wrong hands. They are also very expensive. To prevent theft, Justrite Safety Cabinets feature lockable handles. The High Security models feature a steel crossbar, which can be secured with a padlock.

3.                  Efficiency – An efficient operation means less time is wasted. This, in turn, means more profit. While storing your chemicals and other fluids in safety cabinets makes it easier to locate these chemicals for use, Justrite Safety Cabinets takes it to the next level by providing you with models that are ideal for placement on countertops and slim models for placement in tight spaces, making efficient use of your plant’s spaces.

4.                  Organization – Cabinets keep things organized by storing items in an orderly fashion. Justrite Safety Cabinets go one step further by having warning labels, which double as identification for the chemicals stored inside. Justrite Cabinets also come in a number of different colors for different storage needs, further making content identification easier.

5.                  Compliance – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all workplaces to be free of hazards. Justrite Safety Storage Cabinets are all OSHA and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) compliant (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 / NFPA Code 30 Section 4.3.3) as well as being Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM) listed.

Justrite Safety Storage Cabinets are a worthwhile investment that can help your operation become safer, more secured, more efficient, more organized and compliant with OSHA standards. Consider Justrite Safety Storage Cabinets for your storage needs. It’s the right step towards profitability and sustainability.

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