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How To Effectively Utilize Outdoor Pans & Pillows

Leaks and spills happen in any industrial facility. These spills usually come from leaking faucets, faulty machinery, a broken drum container, or the HVAC unit. Dangerous drips and leaks must be cleaned up or recycled immediately before they go down the drain or get into our waterways. These spills must also be contained quickly to prevent injury from workers slipping on these spills, or damaging equipment and the environment.

For any small spill, drip pans and pillows are the convenient tool to quickly contain and cleanup these hazards. Drip pans are used to contain very small volumes of leaks, drips, and spills. They are a temporary or permanent measure to contain spills and leaks. These pans are made of different materials such as metals, plastics, or any other material that does not react with dripped chemicals. The oil absorbent pillow is contained inside the pan, preventing splashes since this pillow will take in all of the spilled liquids as it touches the pan. Drip pans are inexpensive, easy to install, and simple to operate. They allow for the reuse, recycling and proper disposal of the collected material.

Drip pans can be used at any site where valves and piping are present and the potential for small volume leakage and dripping is present. Although leaks and spills should be repaired and removed as part of a preventative maintenance program, drip pans can provide a temporary solution when repair or replacement is delayed. In addition, drip pans are a safeguard when they are positions beneath areas where leaks and drips may frequently occur.

Before using drip pans, several factors must be considered: the local weather conditions, location of drip pans, materials used for the drip pans, and how the dip pans will be cleaned. For proper maintenance, the location of drip pans is important because they must be inspected and cleaned. They must be easy to reach and remove at all times. These drip pans and pillows should be secured during poor weather conditions. Personnel who handle these pans are required to be trained in proper methods so that the contents are disposed properly.

To increase a drip pan's effectiveness, people who handle them must empty the contents of these pans when they are full. Recycling efforts can be also affected if stormwater accumulates in drip pans and contaminates the absorbent pillow and spilled material. It is important to have specific and easily followed practices of reuse, recycle and/or disposal, especially in dealing with hazardous materials.

Drip pans and pillows are the best tools to fight small spills, especially if these are hazardous spills. They are the first outdoor spill response to contain any spilled liquids even before touching the ground.

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