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Oil Absorbent Boom

   Available For The Gulf Spill Cleanup - Order Today!

Oil Sorbent Booms ideal for rivers, ponds, oceans or where fuel spills may occur. 

Available in 8" x 10' or 5" x 10' Sizes.

      Oil Absorbent Boom has an outer mesh and inner skin that keeps the 100% cotton filler inside for a lint-free oil boom with maximum absorbency.
      Absorbent Boom Rope runs through the 5" or 8' boom, giving Oil Boom added strength for easy deployment and retrieval on water.
      Metal clips link oil absorbent booms together for adding extra lengths. Oil Booms skim oil from water contaminated with hydrocarbons, these
      Oil Booms keep absorbing until fully saturated. These oil absorbent booms are ideal for low viscosity oil and fuel spills on land or water.
      Absorbent oil skimming booms are designed for oil spill containment and oil spill control response plans.

 Oil Absorbent Boom - Absorbs up to 13.7 gallons per boom!

5" x 10' Oil Boom

5" x 10' Oil Absorbent Boom
Absorbs 49.6 Gallons/Bag

BOM510SP - As low as $110/bag.
Each Bag includes 4 booms

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8" x 10' Oil Boom

8" x 10' Oil Absorbent Boom
Absorbs 54.8 Gallons/Bag

BOM810SP - As low as $135/bag.
Each Bag includes 4 booms

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